Furniture that Lasts a Lifetime

Custom Furniture Store Serving Brookshire, TX

A boutique store for custom-built solid wood and upholstered furniture made in America by Amish artisans.

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Forever Furniture

Designed to last for generations.

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American Made

Built and manufactured 100% by expert U.S. craftsmen.

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Custom Built

Your Style - Your Dream - Your Space

Custom Designed Furniture

3 Steps to Get the Room of Your Dreams

  • 1.

    Talk to a Designer

    Completely free, no pressure collaboration with a designer. You can meet over the phone, in the store or a video call.

  • 2.

    Customize Your Furniture

    You choose the wood, stain, style, upholstery. We'll help!

  • 3.

    Get it Built & Delivered

    Expert craftsmen hand-build your furniture and we white-glove deliver it to your home.

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I can't say enough good things about this store. Kim and Steve have crafted an awesome customer service led store selling amazing furniture. We have had some of our pieces from when they first opened and have added o we the years.....beds, dressers, tables, night stands, filing drawers. Our last purchase was several years ago. Fast forward to last week when I decided to repaint the master bedroom and moved the bed. Well, I didn't do such a great job and cracked the plastic floor protective covering on one of the support legs that run down the middle of the king size bed. I brought the leg in and the crew at Amish Craftsman fixed it right up without a problem.

~ Christi G ~

I literally perused over 10 furniture stores before walking into this one. I liked the real wood and that you could pick your own fabrics and colors and have it custom made. The salesperson spent a lot of time and she sat with me while I went through EVERY fabric book they had. A couple books twice. Then that they would allow me to adjust the frame so it EXACTLY fit like a glove. I can lean back with support. When they delivered the furniture I can tell you it's SOLID and sturdy, built to last. I can see myself in 10-20 years if I am still alive.

~ Susan C ~

Gorgeous furniture, excellent service.  Everything is top notch and they are very customer friendly.  I very much appreciate that these days when it's so hard to find.  I'd looked for a bedroom set around town, but when all was said and done, especially now that there is financing available, they were head and shoulders above the rest.  This is furniture you can use for a lifetime, and then some!

~ Victoria B ~

Most furniture is mass-produced, but your needs and style are unique, so your furniture should be too.

The Amish Craftsman is different than a typical big-box furniture store. We offer many custom furniture pieces on our showroom floor, but if you don't see the style or design you want, we can custom-make your perfect piece of furniture.

You can start with one piece or a whole room. Tell us a little bit about your project and we can get started!

We are not your typical big-box furniture store. We build custom furniture for the Brookshire area to fit your needs and your home.

We know shopping for furniture can be stressful sometimes - finding the style, colors, and design that fits your home can be challenging.  At other furniture stores, you walk in and get overwhelmed (or in some cases underwhelmed) - kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's different here.

You deserve furniture that works for you and fits your needs.

That's why we build it custom, just for you.

Exceptional customer service: knowledgeable, engaging & friendly. 
Beautiful, exquisite pieces of furniture; neat. 
Sonny R. is a kind soul, helpful and caring!

~ Kimberly H ~

Excellent customer service was first thing I remembered when I shopped at The Amish Craftsman store. Sandra was my consultant. Due to CoVid19 concerns, the entrance is locked. I had to ring the door bell before I could enter. Store was nice and bright. Sandra greeted me and offered to help. I was kind of in a hurry, but I really wanted to browse the store, perhaps on a different day. She explained as everything is made to order and store is a showroom.

~ Lou C ~

Gorgeous solid wood furniture! I really liked the rocking chair - very smooth.
There was a gorgeous end table that contained a gun safe!!  Very cool!

~ Christine L ~

Quality home furniture in Brookshire designed to last a lifetime.

We know you want your furniture to last a lifetime and be something to pass on to your children. That’s where we come in. Our company's mission is to make sure your furniture goals and dreams come to life. This furniture is built to last generations, and we look forward to being friends for a very long time.

Let’s get started!


Our Hardwood Furniture

Our American made solid wood furniture is built by Amish craftsman and finished by hand. We have dining, bedroom, office and living room hardwood furniture available in many designs to complement your home and lifestyle. We build in 7 American hardwoods and offer over 20 stain choices, and are sticklers for quality and craftsmanship.


Our Upholstered Furniture

Our upholstery is known for its quality, style, durability and comfort. Sofas, loveseats, chairs, chaises, sectionals, and ottomans are all made to order and available in many sizes, fabrics and leathers. Each piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California.

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Learn More About Our Hand-Made
Custom Furniture

As A Homeowner In Brookshire, TX

You want quality furniture for your home that is designed with comfort, durability, and fashion in mind.

  • Cheaply Designed...

  • Mass-produced...

  • Uncomfortable...

  • Wears out Quickly...

  • Poor Design...

Have you ever purchased furniture and short time later came to regret your purchase? Buyers often experience buyers remorse when they discover that the piece of furniture they paid a lot of money for is not constructed from quality materials.

One of our guiding principles at the Amish Craftsman is this. You deserve to own high quality furniture! Our experienced craftsmen pay attention to every detail during the construction of your furniture to ensure that you receive high quality furniture that will last you a lifetime.

Don’t settle for low quality furniture that doesn’t fit your space. Know that you are receiving the highest quality product when you purchase from the Amish Craftsman.

We’ll answer all of your questions and help you with the design process. You don’t need to know anything about furniture. We do the hard work of working out the details so you don’t have to

  1. Talk to a designer (713) 862-3444.
  2. Customize your furniture.
  3. Get it built and delivered!

You can enjoy quality furniture designed to last for many years.

Have peace of mind knowing that the furniture you are bringing into your home is not only beautiful and matches your style, but it is also designed and crafted for long-term durability and comfort.

If you are ready for your handcrafted, custom furniture in Brookshire, TX, that lasts a lifetime, then schedule a visit to our showroom or a virtual appointment and talk to one of our furniture specialists today!

  • Beauty

  • Personal Style

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

Our furniture quality and customer service speak for themselves:

Stephanie M: "I have bought Amish furniture at a couple of the Amish shops in town.  This one by far is my favorite.  I ordered a special request, and they were able to quickly work with the builder and give me pricing.  I asked for my piece to be of an unconventional piece of wood.
Great delivery, and this was as easy as it gets.

Is Amish furniture the best deal in town if you want a functional piece of furniture, no.  It is for the person that wants to customize the whole process.  You pick the design, the wood, the stain, and other custom features you want.  It is priced close to Bassett and Ethan Allen.  This furniture is all wood, and there is no particle board.

Love this furniture, and loved my experience here."

Lisa S: "We have been loyal customers of the Amish Craftsman since 2012.  We have purchased a dining table and chairs, a bedroom set with end tables and lamps, countless stools and side tables, bookcases, a desk, other lamps and many quality accessories.  The furniture is stunning and beautifully crafted.  At certain times during the year they have great sales and you can meet the artisans.  The level of customer service both in the store and at delivery are unmatched.  I could not recommend them more highly.  They are always giving customers small gifts of jams, jellies and the like.  I appreciate this, it's a nice way to personally connect with customers."

We serve many areas in Texas and Louisana, including delivery all along the I-10 corridor in Southeast Texas and Southern Lousiana.

We serve the following areas with our custom furniture:

The Brookshire, TX area boasts multiple restaurants, museums, and attractions. Some of these include:

  • Hemi Hideout
  • Shire Distilling
  • Rainbow HIll Farm
  • Baa Baa Brewhouse
  • Chappell Hill Historical Society Museum
  • Taste of the Strand
  • Games On Wheels
  • Waller County Historical Museum

Brookshire, TX is located in south-eastern Texas and on the west side of the Houston metropolitan area.  The city’s website has this to say about Brookshire:

The City of Brookshire was incorporated in 1946. Before that time it had all of the characteristics of a very small town and farming community. Brookshire has a long history of farming and ranching. Flat land, productive soil and good rainfall make the area ideal for crops which need a lot of water. Plentiful grass and open land are ideal for the cattle industry. Agriculture was the major reason in the beginning for the existence of Brookshire. Agriculture storage silos still operate here, but not at their peak as they did in the years of the past.

Interstate 10 has changed the industry in Brookshire. Industries that need to be located on major transportation arteries (like the freeway or railway) have made Brookshire home.

With the westward sprawl of Houston and the tremendous growth of our neighboring towns, Katy and Fulshear, our city is set for much more growth. We are encouraging economic growth in a coordinated, enthusiastic and cooperative approach through civic and business leaders.

The West I-10 Chamber of Commerce has this to say about the Brookshire area:

“Located in the lower coastal plain of the agriculturally rich watershed of the Brazos River, the area is part woodland and part prairie, and receives its economic support largely from farming, ranching, manufacturing, and transportation dependent industries. In recent years, the West I-10 area has been impacted by Houston’s urban sprawl, and bedroom communities for the metropolitan area have sprouted throughout.

Serving this growing area is the West I-10 Chamber of Commerce, a group of businesses, individuals, and civic leaders committed to the promotion of economic, social, and civic growth and prosperity.”

We deliver to the entire Brookshire, TX area zip code 77423 and beyond!

Find the furniture you’ve been looking for:

  1. Talk to a designer (713) 862-3444.
  2. Customize your furniture.
  3. Get it built and delivered!

Information courtesy of The Amish Craftsman, 5555 Washington Ave Suite M, Houston, TX 77007