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Meet Kim + Steve

Hi, we’re Kim and Steve Murphy. In 2001, our Houston home–and everything in it–was destroyed by a tropical storm and flood. We had to completely start over, but that ending led to an unexpected beginning.

While searching for quality, American-made furniture, we were blown away by the superior quality and craftsmanship of Amish furniture. So much so that in 2006, we opened our very own store: The Amish Craftsman.

Amish Furniture True or False?

FALSE! Amish isn’t a style. It’s a way of handcrafting furniture using techniques that have been perfected and passed down through generations. We offer a wide variety of furniture styles–everything from Mission and Modern Contemporary to Rustic, Traditional, and Modern Farmhouse. And our furniture is totally custom (there are literally hundreds of options), which means you can make it whatever YOU want it to be.

False! We sell completely custom furniture–and that not only includes choosing the wood you’d like to use but also the stain. In fact, we have A LOT of stain options–from light to dark and warm to cool tones–to choose from. Really, we believe that the finishing process is what brings our furniture to life.

TRUE! What really sets Amish furniture apart from anything you’ll find at a big box store is the family behind the furniture. Amish furniture is never mass-produced in a factory. It’s handcrafted by families who put their heart and soul into the craft of furniture making. That’s something a machine simply can’t do. Using the techniques that have been perfected and passed down through generations, the Amish take great pride in their work and no detail is too small. Every aspect of the build–from the specific craftsmanship techniques and wood selection to the final finishing step of staining–is carefully considered in order to deliver furniture that looks as good as it functions.
TRUE! When we say built-to-last, we REALLY mean it. Not only have these skills been passed down for generations, but they’ve also been learned from an early age. Years are spent learning and perfecting each component–like sanding, woodworking, and finishing–of furniture making. The end result for you is heirloom-quality furniture that will become the backdrop for your own traditions and family memories for years and years to come. Seriously, your kids will be fighting over who gets it one day! In other words, that dining table you order today will likely be the last table you ever buy. It’s that durable.

The Amish Craftsman blew me away.

“Forget everything you thing you know about Amish furniture! The Amish Craftsman blew me away with the range of their selection--modern, traditional, upholstered pieces, and so much more. Beautiful furniture and outstanding customer service.”

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