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When you need to concentrate, you need a space that puts you at ease and furniture that makes you happy. Our hardwood office furniture is built to last and customized just for you, so you know it will be perfect for your needs.

What Our Customers are Creating

We’ll work with you to pick the right pieces, sizes, wood, and stain to complement your home and your lifestyle. Remember, it’s all custom hand built in America just for you!


The cornerstone of any significant office is its desk. Sure, it’s where work happens, but it’s also a place where you can gather your thoughts and have a moment of stillness after a long day at work.

Through pleasing design aesthetics, quality hardwood, and professional staining, our desks are guaranteed to give you that place of peace you’ve been yearning for. Whether you’re looking for a space to work from home, or you want a spot to finish the great American novel, talk to us about a desk that’s more than just furniture -- it’s a part of your story.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream office.

Really impressed with this company. Great value for money and excellent quality. Customer service is out of this world.
I will return to buy again.

~ Thomas Estes ~

The Amish Craftsman team did an incredible job helping us turn the rough ideas we had for an entertainment center into a beautiful piece of furniture we will have for a lifetime. They walked us through the huge selection of woods and finishes and made it easy to zero in on the perfect combination. Thank you to the team.I will return to buy again.

~ Todd V. ~

The Amish Craftsman is outstanding in every respect. Great furniture, great service, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ve purchased several pieces from them over the years, and have only great things to say about them.

~ Armistead E. ~

Bookcases & Office Chairs


A well-made bookcase can be just the thing to take your office from a former extra bedroom vibe to a stately looking study.

This is more than a place to display your books; it’s a way to show who you are, to the world, and yourself. A well-planned study or library is a reflection of the person who designed it. Our bookcases, custom-built and professionally stained, are a great way to show the world what you cherish and value -- the refinement, uncomplicated excellence, and uncompromised quality of an American classic. Make no mistake, that's precisely what you're getting here: an American classic.

Office Chairs

Inspiration can strike in weird places, but it’s most often to happen when you’re in the zone. You want a chair that can get you there.

Our chairs are made from high-quality hardwood, either upholstered or unadorned. Handcrafted and built to last, these are sturdy chairs that don’t compromise on comfort and ergonomics. It’s true craftsmanship that can be seen and felt every time you use it. It’s just pure, good seating. No slackers here. Isn’t it time your chair works as hard as you do?

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream office.

Kim helped us and it was like working with a best friend who only wanted you to be happy. I never felt pressure and she was so knowledgeable about wood and stain. No buyer’s remorse here!

~ Carol Cooper ~

The owners were there as we selected our furniture. This was at the time of the Covid-19. All were extremely careful and courteous and very helpful. We felt safe and well taken care of. We found just what we wanted and delivered on time. We will highly recommend them to our friends. The furniture is beautiful, life lasting and comfortable.

~ Diane R. ~

Custom Designed Furniture

3 Steps to Get the Room of Your Dreams

  • 1.

    Talk to a Designer

    Completely free, no pressure collaboration with a designer. You can meet over the phone, in the store or a video call.

  • 2.

    Customize Your Furniture

    You choose the wood, stain, style, upholstery. We'll help!

  • 3.

    Get it Built & Delivered

    Expert craftsmen hand-build your furniture and we white-glove deliver it to your home.

Two women enjoying drinks sitting at a live-edge table.

Learn More About Our Hand-Made
Office Furniture

As a Homeowner

You want quality furniture for your home that is designed with comfort, durability, and fashion in mind.

  • Cheaply Designed

  • Mass-produced

  • Uncomfortable

  • Wears out Quickly

  • Poor Design

The problem is that much of today’s furniture is cheaply designed and often mass-produced.  This results in furniture that quickly becomes uncomfortable, wears out quickly, and is not well-designed.

At The Amish Craftsman, we understand the problems of using mass-produced furniture for your home.  We know you want something that represents your style, will fit your personal home taste and décor, is expertly designed and crafted, and will last for generations.

That’s why we offer custom Amish furniture for your home.  Whether it is furniture for your bedroom,  living room, dining room, or office, our expert craftsmen excel in creating handmade furniture that fits your style and design.

You can enjoy quality furniture designed to last for many years.

Not only does it bring beauty and your personal style into your home, but it also brings long-term durability and comfort.

If you are ready for handcrafted custom furniture in Houston, TX, that lasts a lifetime, then schedule a visit to our showroom or a virtual appointment and talk to one of our furniture specialists today!

  • Beauty

  • Personal Style

  • Durable

  • Comfortable