Custom Modern Contemporary Furniture

Modern Contemporary Furniture for Your Home

At The Amish Craftsman, we believe that custom furniture should be stylish, functional, and match your home's style whether you prefer contemporary or modern furniture.  That is why we offer a full line of Amish-crafted Modern Contemporary Furniture for your home.  

Enjoy the straight lines, simplicity, and beautiful accent colors of modern contemporary in your dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Modern contemporary furniture combines two different styles.

The "Contemporary" style is often sued to describe furniture that is currently in style. Therefore, it tends to change based on trends and styles that are popular in a given timeframe.

The "Modern" style focuses on a minimal style based on straight lines, a clean appearance, and not using many of the ornate flashes and extra details of traditional furniture.

When combined together, the "Modern Contemporary" furniture style creates furniture that follows modern trends while maintaining a clean and simplistic modern look.

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Modern Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Enjoy tables built to last a lifetime that provide a solid gathering place for meals while providing a sleek and geometric design.

Whether you want a table that provides a beautiful focal point in your dining room, or you want a sturdy table with style, enjoy the colors and design of a modern contemporary dining room table!

Comfortable, stylish, and elegant - modern contemporary dining room chairs are sturdy and graceful.

Everyone wants dining room chairs that add to the style and beauty of the dining room while being comfortable. Our hand-crafted dining room chairs check all the boxes for the perfect dining room experience.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get
started on creating your dream Modern Contemporary dining room.

I am so proud of and excited about my new furniture from the Amish Craftsman! As always with this business, everything is perfectly made and beautiful in every way.

~ Margaret Psencik ~

Modern Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Enjoy a comfortable place to sit and relax while adding style to your living room.

Modern contemporary sofas bring a stylish and clean aesthetic to a living room.  With a range of upholstery options, you can bring beauty and comfort to your living room.

Bring a cozy and intimate seat into your living room without taking excess space.

Enjoy a smaller space to relax and share intimate moments with a  love seat.  Like the sofas, they are built to provide comfort that lasts a lifetime.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get
started on creating your dream Modern Contemporary living room.

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Enjoy a bed that brings provides long-term durability and style.

Having a great mattress is only the beginning of the sleeping process - you need a solid foundation as well!  Enjoy the clean lines of a modern contemporary bed while knowing you have a bedframe that will last a lifetime.

Grace your bedroom with a beautiful dresser or chest, and have a place for your clothes that will last for generations. 

Add to your bedroom's style with a dresser or chest.  The solid wood craftsmanship ensures they will last for generations.

Bring the perfect complement to your bedroom suite with a modern contemporary style night stand.

Add the perfect complement to your modern contemporary bedroom suite with a matching night stand!  You can have an ideal place for storing your small items without sacrificing any style.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get
started on creating your dream Modern Contemporary bedroom.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream home with hand-made Modern Contemporary Furniture.

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Wonderful shopping experience with The Amish Craftsman! Sandra walks through each piece in careful detail and gives you peace of mind that you are investing in quality, long-lasting furniture.

~ Amanda Evans ~

So much fun to work with them and pick out my dining room chairs! Can't wait to receive them. Looking forward to visiting the store again to find unique decor gifts for holiday gift giving!

~ Kathy Hooks ~

The Amish Craftsman offered a really great furniture-buying experience. We were able to sit on a variety of different pieces and see all the different options for what we were interested in. It was a much more personalized experience than going to a typical furniture store

~ Gregory Boyajian ~

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Modern Contemporary Style Furniture

As a Homeowner

You want quality furniture for your home that is designed with comfort, durability, and fashion in mind.

  • Cheaply Designed

  • Mass-produced

  • Uncomfortable

  • Wears out Quickly

  • Poor Design

The problem is that much of today’s furniture is cheaply designed and often mass-produced.  This results in furniture that quickly becomes uncomfortable, wears out quickly, and is not well-designed.

At The Amish Craftsman, we understand the problems of using mass-produced furniture for your home.  We know you want something that represents your style, will fit your personal home taste and décor, is expertly designed and crafted, and will last for generations.

That’s why we offer custom Amish furniture for your home.  Whether it is furniture for your bedroom,  living room, dining room, or office, our expert craftsmen excel in creating handmade furniture that fits your style and design.

You can enjoy quality furniture designed to last for many years.

Not only does it bring beauty and your personal style into your home, but it also brings long-term durability and comfort.

If you are ready for handcrafted custom furniture in Houston, TX, that lasts a lifetime, then schedule a visit to our showroom or a virtual appointment and talk to one of our furniture specialists today!

  • Beauty

  • Personal Style

  • Durable

  • Comfortable