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You can choose from leg, trestle and pedestal dining tables, all available with solid tops or you can add leaves. Match your table with chairs that provide the perfect mix of style and comfort. Hutches, curios, sideboards and buffets all add storage and serving options. Our dining room furniture can be customized to fit your space, from small, cozy kitchenettes to large formal dining rooms. And like all the furniture at The Amish Craftsman, each piece you order is custom built with your choice of design, size, wood and stain.

What Our Customers are Creating

We’ll work with you to pick the right pieces, sizes, wood, and stain to complement your home and your lifestyle. Remember, it’s all custom hand built in America just for you!

Pedestal Tables

Pedestal tables are an excellent foundation for any room, thanks to their sleek design and ability to be easily accented by lots of different centerpiece ideas.

Whether it’s the anchoring piece for a foyer, study, or a breakfast nook, the pedestal table is the perfect example of a small piece making a big statement.  It's an easy way to add old-world elegance and class, yet flexible enough to stay in the family for multiple generations -- no matter how your style might change.

Leg Tables

Sturdy, broad, and able to accommodate large groups thanks to additional leaves,  a four-leg table is the best way to make sure everyone has a seat at the meal. 

Think about your favorite childhood memories. More often than not, they probably happened around the dinner table. The perfect dining room table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s the canvas to paint the memories that will last a lifetime.

Trestle Tables

Built to accommodate large groups of people, the trestle table is a way to easily get the whole extended family together.

Made for multifunctional spaces. Tasteful and understated, the trestle table is easily complemented with classical chairs or simple rustic furniture choices so that you’ll have a homey space, even in larger spaces. It’s a great choice if you’re the family that hosts the yearly reunion.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream dining room.

If you buy from The Amish Craftsman, you won’t be disappointed and you will have beautiful high-quality heirloom pieces that will last generations. They deliver on their commitments and the furniture is absolutely fantastic.

~ Chris Cavanaugh ~


Day-in, day-out, these chairs are built to last. Gone are the days of creaking, cracking seats. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sitting down should never feel like a question mark.

Enough accommodation is the most important and (most likely) the least thought-of part of your kitchen, dining, or living room. That being said, a well-built chair is crucial -- after all, it’s going to take the most abuse out of any furniture you own. That’s why we recommend our bespoke chairs made from sturdy hardwood that won’t warp or break.

Whether it's a kitchen island, sports bar, or other area in your home, our variety of bar stool styles and options will let you host family and friends in comfort and style. 


Simple, built-to-last, and elegant, the bench seat is the perfect addition to a larger kitchen or dining room. 

Want to keep your panoramic view? Bench seats are a great way to maximize lighting if you’ve got large picture windows because of their ability to provide ample seating without obstruction. It’s easy to see why the bench seat has been a mainstay of interior designers for years. It can balance out the more-often curved lines of the kitchen, while still allowing for parity of design and materials.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream dining room.

We purchased a custom table about 10 years ago. Very solid construction of both chairs & table, walnut has been aging beautifully. Wanted a dining table that was unique...this one is not only unique but is like a piece of art.

~ Kimberly Roe ~


Stable, sturdy, and dependable, hutches are made to be a mainstay of your family for generations -- while still proving their usefulness every single day. 

The hutch is a classic blend of design and function. Use the top to display antique china, family photographs, or a vintage tea while the bottom functions as a perfect place for serving tea, cake, or pizza. Exceptionally compatible with a funky, boho aesthetic, a hutch is an easy way to add old world charm that still feels alive and vital -- plus all that storage! 


An island is a great way to add storage, bring the family together, and break up space all at the same time. That's not to say it's just about functionality, either. 

Whether your approach trends toward coastal, boho, or classic farmhouse, the island can be an easy way to cement the style of your kitchen and give you a unified theory of interior design. Completely made-to-order, ours ensure that no matter the size of your kitchen, you’ll never feel cramped or at a loss for storage. An island is an easy way to make your kitchen fun again.

Meet with a designer to get started on creating your dream dining room.

Custom Designed Furniture

3 Steps to Get the Room of Your Dreams

  • 1.

    Talk to a Designer

    Completely free, no pressure collaboration with a designer. You can meet over the phone, in the store or a video call.

  • 2.

    Customize Your Furniture

    You choose the wood, stain, style, upholstery. We'll help!

  • 3.

    Get it Built & Delivered

    Expert craftsman hand-build your furniture and we white-glove deliver it to your home.

Two women enjoying drinks sitting at a live-edge table.

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Dining Room Furniture

As a Homeowner

You want quality furniture for your home that is designed with comfort, durability, and fashion in mind.

  • Cheaply Designed

  • Mass-produced

  • Uncomfortable

  • Wears out Quickly

  • Poor Design

The problem is that much of today’s furniture is cheaply designed and often mass-produced.  This results in furniture that quickly becomes uncomfortable, wears out quickly, and is not well-designed.

At The Amish Craftsman, we understand the problems of using mass-produced furniture for your home.  We know you want something that represents your style, will fit your personal home taste and décor, is expertly designed and crafted, and will last for generations.

That’s why we offer custom Amish furniture for your home.  Whether it is furniture for your bedroom,  living room, dining room, or office, our expert craftsmen excel in creating handmade furniture that fits your style and design.

You can enjoy quality furniture designed to last for many years.

Not only does it bring beauty and your personal style into your home, but it also brings long-term durability and comfort.

If you are ready for handcrafted custom furniture in Houston, TX, that lasts a lifetime, then schedule a visit to our showroom or a virtual appointment and talk to one of our furniture specialists today!

  • Beauty

  • Personal Style

  • Durable

  • Comfortable