You spend a third of your life sleeping, making your mattress the most used piece of furniture you own. You owe it to yourself to get the best possible sleep. 

There are no shortcuts to making a mattress with handcrafted luxury. Our manufacturer uses only the finest components and carefully makes each component individually. See for yourself the difference a quality-made mattress makes.

About our mattresses:

Our Amish-made mattresses are handcrafted for the ultimate experience in comfort and relaxation.  These mattresses are made to exacting standards, just like our furniture, and rank among the finest in the world.

We use higher-density foams, heavier gauge steel, and more spring coils than you’ll find in other name-brand mattresses.

Try our American-made mattresses and finally try what truly handcrafted luxury feels like.  Let us help you find the perfect Amish mattress for you!

Mattress Customization Options

The right mattress gives you more than a great night’s sleep. It provides rest and rejuvenation for the day ahead. A quality mattress is essential for achieving that rest. We carry a full range of handmade mattresses that offer luxurious quilting, high quality foam padding, and strong components. Our bench made mattresses are some of the finest mattresses in the world and offer many options of comfort and support so that you can get your best night’s sleep.

No matter what you choose know that our manufacturer uses only the finest components and carefully makes each component individually.

Some of the mattress styles we offer include...

Ultra Gel

Our Ultra Gel Amish mattresses are made from premium gel infused memory foam. These mattresses create a cooler sleep surface while providing the body contouring properties of memory foam.


Luxurious innerspring 2-sided mattress with a plush feel that provides core support with multiple layers of foam support on both sides. Available in plush and firm.


The inner support core of the Serenity mattress is made of pocketed steel coils that give independent suspension within the core frame. The textile pockets are fused to each other within the frame.

Sleep is enhanced because of the individual movement of each unconnected spring. If you are a restless sleeper, the independent pockets greatly reduce the disturbance factor during sleep. The luxurious Serenity pillowtop is made from combinations of Natural Talalay Latex, Gel-infused Memory Foam and Super High- Density Polyurethane foam to give optimum sleeping comfort.

You will love your bed and wonder why you waited so long to purchase one of Monarch Rest’s best mattresses, the Serenity.


Adjustable, single-sided, pocketed innerspring core. Available in ultra plush, plush, and firm.

Conforma Latex

The padding in the Conforma Latex mattress is made of high-performance natural Talalay Latex and is like sleeping on a cushion of air.

This latex foam is breathable, hygienic, moisture dissipating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even anti-dust mite. It is a natural plant derivative of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree (rubber tree) and is environmentally friendly. The Talalay foam comfort is a unique feel and has become very popular for well-informed buyers.

Perfect Choice

With its replaceable pillowtop style,the Perfect Choice may well become the mattress gold standard of the future and arguably the ultimate combination of mattress components.

The innovative detachable pillowtop concept was first introduced in 2002 and since then has been continually tested and improved. Natural Talalay Latex foam is breathable, hygienic, moisture dissipating, hypoallergenic, antifungal, antibacterial and even anti-dust mite.

We now offer five customizable pillowtop foam options that make this mattress the obvious perfect choice.

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