The rustic style is a natural, warm, and timeless design.  It often incorporates exposed wood, and it makes any room seem larger and like a piece of nature.

But with all the furniture and decor available today, how do you design a room with a truly rustic feel?

Or, you may find the rustic style interesting, but not be sure if it is the right style for you.

Don’t worry, the team at The Amish Craftsman is here to help!

This blog post will help you better understand what rustic furniture is, how to design a room using rustic furniture, and how it fits into different parts of your home.

Ready to learn more about this beautiful style?  Let’s get started!

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What is the rustic style?

The rustic style focuses on rough-hewn wood beams, rough accents like bowls and baskets, lots of plants, and other natural and earthy materials.

So how is rustic furniture designed with this in mind? 


First, it is made with solid wood.

Genuine rustic furniture is made with solid wood - no imitation veneer or plywood allowed!

While some furniture has added upholstery, such as chairs or couches, the core of rustic furniture is the solid wood component.


Second, it focuses on earth tones and natural finishes.

Rustic furniture does not use splashy or bright colors.  Instead, it focuses on natural and earth tones that complement the wood focus.


Third, it incorporates rough accents.

The rustic style focuses on exposed and rough wood accents, and rustic furniture incorporates this as well.  Obviously, parts of the core pieces are smooth, such as the top of a table or a dining room chair.  The rough accents are more common in furniture accessories such as end tables or coffee tables.

the rustic style focuses

Designing A Room with rustic furniture

Because of the focus on nature and exposed elements, there is a wide range of accessories and decor you can use to help style and design a room with rustic furniture in mind.

Earthy color palettes - the rustic style focuses on earth tones and colors.  Design with lighter earth tones and avoid flashy or bright colors.

Exposed wood - one of the cornerstones of the rustic style is having exposed wood.  It doesn’t matter if the exposed wood is in the room’s actual structure, such as beams or paneling, or brought into the room in wood accessories and furniture.

Natural stone accents - another staple with rustic design is using natural stone accents.  Fireplaces and hearths are a natural place to use this, but it can also be used in a room’s decorations.

Lots of plants - because the rustic style focuses on natural accents and accessories, having a lot of plants in a room contributes to the natural touch.

Jute or wool rugs - jute and wool rugs bring out the natural elements of a room, and they are a great way to have your floor contribute to the style.

Canvas and burlap - complement your furniture and other rustic accessories by using canvas or burlap pieces and wall hangings.

Distressed wood - whether it is a hardwood floor, ceiling beams, or wood paneling - using distressed wood contributes to the rustic style.

Patinaed metal - using the colors and designs of patinaed metal brings class and depth to a room, especially when using a traditional metal like copper, brass, or bronze.

one of the cornerstones of the rustic

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

It doesn’t matter if you are designing the bedroom of a cabin, a farmhouse, or a traditional home. Using rustic bedroom furniture brings natural beauty, classy style, and a sense of majesty to any bedroom.

Whether it is a bed frame, a dresser and chest, or a nightstand, rustic bedroom furniture brings timeless grace to the room.

Also, if you choose hand-crafted rustic bedroom furniture made from solid wood, you can have peace of mind knowing you have furniture to last a lifetime!

Notice the rustic elements in the following pictures of rustic bedrooms:

  • Exposed wood, beams, and paneling
  • Bedspreads with natural tones and designs
  • Soft lighting contributing to the relaxed feel
  • The decor and accessories focused on nature
  • The use of flowers or floral accessories
Rustic 2

Rustic Living Room Furniture

If you enjoy earth tones and the beauty of nature, then consider designing your living space with rustic living room furniture.

Focusing on natural elements and other rustic designs, rustic living room furniture makes any home feel like a place of rest and beauty.

Choosing hand-crafted living room furniture also ensures your furniture lasts your home and family for generations!

Notice the rustic elements in the following pictures of rustic living rooms:

  • Use of soft and natural lighting
  • Having hardwood floors, exposed beams, and other wooden accents
  • Using rugs instead of carpet on the floor
  • Pottery, vases, and other nature-focused decors
Rustic 2

Rustic Dining Room Furniture

We might be tempted to think the dining room is not a place to think about style, but that is not true!  Just like the rest of your home, you can design a dining room with rustic features and use rustic dining room furniture.

The dining room is a great place to use tables, chairs, and other smaller accessories that focus on the stability and timelessness of the rustic style.  And if the furniture is handcrafted, you know you have dining room furniture to pass on to your children as an heirloom!

Notice the rustic elements in the following pictures of rustic dining rooms:

  • The earth-tone colors and finishes on the furniture
  • The stone accents of the fireplace
  • The use of flowers and plants
  • A color palette focusing on natural colors and tones
Rustic 2

Where do I find quality rustic furniture?

In your home, you want custom furniture made with solid wood and quality craftsmanship.  

We have all seen how cheap furniture doesn’t last long and quickly loses its new shine, and we don’t want this for our home.

At The Amish Craftsman, we custom build furniture from solid wood designed to last a lifetime.  Our furniture is hand-made by expert craftsmen who focus on building furniture that leaves a family legacy.

If you live in Houston or the surrounding area and are looking for quality rustic furniture for your home, then contact our team to schedule an appointment.  You can also browse our online store to see what is available for you today.  

We look forward to working with you in making your dream home come true!

at the amish craftsman, we custom
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