One Easy Trick for Spotting Poor Quality Furniture a Mile Away

December 15, 2019

Most furniture bought today won’t last more than a few years. It’s designed that way. If you are looking for furniture that’s built to last, this can be super frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s become standard for chain and big box stores to make furniture that won’t stand up to the wear and tear of real life. 

We’re being taught to think that home furnishings are like trends in fashion. That’s wrong. 

We are expected to replace our furniture every two or three years as trends come and go. It’s built cheaply because it’s designed to be thrown away in a few years.  While it’s tempting to buy the cheap stuff, there’s a big reason you won’t want to do that. Bad furniture falls apart fast, forcing you to buy new again — which really doesn’t save you any money at all.  You’ll end up paying way more in the long run than if you invested in a quality price of handmade furniture firsthand.

It’s better to go for a quality piece. You’ll save money in the long run AND you’ll get something you love. So how can you tell the difference? There are a couple of easy ways to spot poorly built furniture right out of the gate and avoid the hassle of furniture falling apart on you.

Joints are the easiest way to spot bad furniture

Furniture should be like your twenties — good joints. If things are aching and creaking like your furniture is coming down with arthritis, then you’re going to want to find something better. Here’s what to look for from bad to good. 

Bad: Staples, Nails, & Glue

This is how most of your big chain stores make their furniture. If you can see staples, nails, or places where wood glue has been used that’s a big sign your furniture is B-A-D. Basically, if this furniture needs to bear any weight at all, it’s going to put a lot of stress on those places. Eventually, that means a break.

Good: Reinforcing Corner Blocks, Dowels, & Screws

We are heading in the right direction.  This is a sign that someone gave some thought to quality. Dowels and screws are great reinforcers and provide solid joints.

Great: Dovetail, Mortise & Tenon

These are a fancy way of saying that these joints literally fit one part of the furniture into another part, for a tight and strong fit. You can only really get this from real craftsmen who spend the time to handmake each piece to perfection. Seeing joints like this isn’t just the hallmark of a sturdy piece, it also is aesthetically beautiful and instantly recognizable. 

Our Craftsmen Build to Perfection

See the difference that hand built furniture makes in your life — no more creaks, breaks, or veneer peeling back.  Instead, you’ll just have furniture you love, built to become a reliable piece of your family’s history. Stop the cycle of cheap furniture, get something you’ll love to live with for the rest of your life. Talk to one of our design consultants today to get started!


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