“Y’all Made it Fun!” This Note From a Customer Made Our Day

January 15, 2020

We recently got this note from a customer and just had to share it. Even though it’s long, we wanted to share it with you because we felt like it really represented the best of what we do here at The Amish Craftsman. 

The Testimonial

Our salesperson and manager were wonderful – but seriously, we knew y’all were confident in your product and confident in your ability to help us make the right decision, and y’all made it fun with no pressure! You all made it easy, and after 2 or 3 visits, we knew what styles we wanted to eliminate and what we wanted to look at further.

We noticed that quality and price didn’t measure up in other stores, and they just wanted to “sell” us that day.  As mentioned above, in other stores we went to, we just didn’t see the quality – even though they had a quality price.  That was not the case at The Amish Craftsman – quality and price match up. We didn’t have money to throw away, and we wanted lifetime furniture that we could hand down to our son.

Everyone loves our furniture and always rubs their hands all over it – lol!  Our family is very impressed too! My brother-in-law was here when it was delivered, and after the delivery guys left, he said: “Wow, this is way more than I expected when you said you were getting furniture delivered today!”  Also, our neighbor who is a knowledgeable craftsman himself just marveled over the base of our pedestal table!

It ‘s the customer experience and helpfulness combined with the product and the way you present it – it’s the whole package!  And now, we look for reasons just to come see y’all!

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? 

That kind of note makes us so happy. It’s exactly the sort of no-stress shopping experience that we want for all our customers. 

Stop in today for a free consultation and see what all the (no) fuss is about! We’re excited to help you find the furniture you’ve always wanted.


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