The One Trick to Buying Better Furniture That You Need to Know Today

February 1, 2020

Be Adventurous with Accents, not your Big Pieces

Everyone likes new stuff. Hey, it’s new! The trick is loving your old stuff like it’s new. Too often we get a sofa or table and regret it only a few short years later. That sort of regret is tough to swallow — especially when the price tag is so high. Here’s what you need to do to wind up with furniture that will stay in your family for years.

It’s Simple – Pick Classic Styles for Big Pieces

It’s called a classic for a reason. Whether you’re into Mission and Arts & Crafts or more traditional designs  — you’re going to want to look for classic looks. Trends come and go – you want the pieces you choose to be long lasting, versatile and accessible.  Those classic, timeless designs will save you money down the road. You can design around key pieces. Being a little more conservative with a big piece is almost always the right move to get something with some staying power. 

Furniture Pieces

This isn’t the place to test out a current trend. Trends pass, and when they do, you’ll be left with some very expensive (and ugly) large items to replace. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with current trends. Using smaller accent pieces (that are more easily replaceable) to try out new ideas can be a great all-around solution. Just remember: for the big stuff – classic is always in style. 

We have in house design consultants that are experts in creating whatever style or look brings joy to you and your house for free consultations. Schedule a visit or give us a call today and find the perfect fit for your house. 


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