It’s Hard to Shop for Furniture Alone. Stop Doing it.

November 1, 2019

It’s Hard to Shop for Furniture Alone. Stop Doing it.

November 1, 2019

The biggest step in making your house into a home is filling it full of furniture, family heirlooms, and accessories that make your heart happy.  

Unfortunately, it’s never easy to design your dream space.

What should be fun quickly turns to, well, not fun, as you’re bogged down in fine details. Does that wall paint really go with that sofa? Why does my rug look so small at home? Whose idea was it to buy all our chairs at different stores? 

A Design Consultant is the answer.

“I can’t spend that type of money.” “I know my space better than anyone.” “I’m too intimidated to try something like that.” “All they are going to do is try to pressure me.” People have all kinds of excuses for not using a Design Consultant, instead choosing to do it themselves. None of these reasons are good. We are all for low-pressure, helpful staff members who will guide you through the process.

Design Consultants save you money.

Telling your Design Consultant what your budget is can actually be a huge help. They’re trained to help you find the best value for your investment. They’re also trained to help you prevent making expensive mistakes. A good Design Consultant will help you understand the measurements of your space. This means you’ll never end up with furniture that’s too big for your room or doesn’t fill the space. They’ll also help you understand how colors work together. That means you won’t have to worry if the rug will complement your fabric. 

Design Consultants save you time.

No one wants to spend their time driving all around Houston visiting furniture stores seeing the same thing over and over. No one wants to buy furniture that is poor quality and doesn’t work in their space.  That’s a fool’s errand. A Design Consultant streamlines that process. They see potential problems before you do and can head them off before they become actual ones. 

Design Consultants help you define your style.

In the end, you just want a great space for your family to live, love, and make some memories. That’s exactly what our trained Design Consultants want for you. Our team of Design Consultants wants every family they help to fall in love with their space. They have years of experience in defining what makes a space special, but they approach every job with a fresh set of eyes. That’s an invaluable friend to have when you’re building your dream house. 

Have more questions? You can come in anytime to get an in-store consultation and get an up-close look at why our furniture is what your space needs. Once you’ve met with a Design Consultant and come up with a game plan let us schedule a complimentary in home design consultation and see how your space can get the upgrade your family deserves.

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