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We are a boutique store for custom-built hardwood and upholstered furniture. Let us help you create the home you want with furniture that lasts a lifetime.

The Coziest Place In Your Home

Popcorn and a movie. A warm blanket and a good book. Late-night conversations with friends. More than any other place, your living room is where you need to feel the most at home. You deserve furniture that fits you and makes you feel at home.

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    Chairs, Chaises, & Ottomans

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Sofas & Loveseats


Whether it’s movie night with the family or lounging on a sunny Saturday with the dog, a sofa is the linchpin of the living room. 


Our sofas are well built, stylish, and most importantly -- comfy. A great sofa works as a statement piece for your living room but doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to snuggling. With a frame made of high-quality wood and upholstered with stain-resistant fabrics from California, we make sure that family nights are fun again. It’s high time that function and fashion worked together for you. Sofa? So good. 

Love Seats

A love seat is a great stepping stone between our larger sofas and some of the smaller rockers and gliders. 


You’ll get all the benefits of the larger sofa, but without the need for a ton of space. This piece is perfect for smaller apartments, living rooms, or studies. Ours are sturdy, ergonomically made, and upholstered, so they stay as comfy as they are brilliant to look at. Add a dash of color to your shared area or go with a neutral color and give yourself a smart-looking canvas to paint your living room masterpiece.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream living room.

Chairs, Chaises, & Ottomans

Stylish, functional -- a sofa chair is a great addition to add elegant and comfy energy to your space. 


Imagine evenings spent reading next to a roaring fire, reading in the brilliant, diffused light of a summer afternoon. These sofa chairs are perfectly paired to your space, using the same superior craftsmanship to create a durable, beautiful object that will draw the eye without becoming too much of a focal point. Our sofa chairs are designed to give you maximum snuggle without sacrificing style. 

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream living room.


The perfect addition for any den, living room, or man-cave a sectional gives you almost limitless options for your seating. 


Made to fit nearly any space, these sectional sofas are bespoke to make sure that they’re tightly fit to wherever you need them to be. Layer on top of that brilliant, hardwood craftsmanship and super comfy cushion upholstery, and this is the piece that will become a family favorite. Our sectional screams movie night, but still has the style and grace to work for afternoon tea.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream living room.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the fabric upholstery on your furniture stain-resistant?

We have tons of different fabric options that offer varying levels of stain-resistance for our upholstery. Not only that, but the wood of the furniture itself is finished with a  catalyzed varnish so that it can be stain resistant to most household spills. Not only is our furniture more durable than mass-produced, chain store options, but it also is designed to stay LOOKING nice for years to come. It’s our belief that furniture should stay in your family for years, making it the backdrop to some of your most cherished holiday and family memories. That starts with fabric and wood that can hold up to most household spills.

Do you sell sofa sectionals?

We do offer the option for a sectional sofa. We understand that each home’s space requirements are unique, so we want to make sure that you fit the exact piece of furniture you need into the space that’s offered. We ask that you bring measurements of your space to your initial showroom experience so you (and our designers) can get a better feel for your spacial needs and how that might influence your furniture decision. Our sectionals are upholstered with custom options for fabric or leather, ensuring that you get the look and feel that fits the rest of your home perfectly.

Can you mix and match tables and chairs?

Yes, you can absolutely mix and match tables and chairs. Our showrooms offer possible options for you to draw inspiration from, but the end result is always up to you. Work with one of our trained designers to figure out the best aesthetic and style options for your space, then chose from multiple furniture styles, stains, and even upholsteries to give your rooms the custom look that you won’t find anywhere else. We encourage you to be an active part of the furniture design process so that you can get pieces that are just right for you.

How long will Amish furniture last?

Amish furniture is built to last for a long time -- while that means different things to different people, we mean it when we say that this is generational furniture. Through the use of simple, effective, and handcrafted techniques, our Amish furniture can last for decades. That’s through the use of joint construction, which doesn’t rely on wood glue or other adhesives to keep your furniture together (like mass-produced furniture does). That’s the biggest difference between our product and furniture from chain stores, which often might only last a year or two before showing significant signs of wear and tear. Amish furniture is built to last, meant to be handed down from one generation to the next.

What are the different types of leather you offer?

We offer a ton of different types of leather and fabric to upholster our couches, chairs, and furniture. Part of our process is to pick the finishing touches that you want on your furniture before we send it over to the builder to begin construction. We have books and books of fabric and leather samples for you to look at. Not only that, if there’s something specific you have in mind, we welcome you to provide your own material for upholstery. We’ll make sure your fabric gets to the builder safe and sound and return what isn’t used back to you. That’s truly customized and crafted furniture!


How is your upholstery made?

Our upholstery line is custom made in California.  It is a high-quality upholstery line known for style, durability, and comfort.  The frames are assembled by hand and made from solid alder wood. All frames have a lifetime warranty.  The springs are heavy gauge steel to prevent sagging. All upholstered pieces are hand-tied for extra strength, durability, and stability.