Upholstered Living Room Furniture

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Popcorn and a movie. A warm blanket and a good book. Late-night conversations with friends. More than any other place, your living room is where you need to feel the most at home. You deserve furniture that fits you and makes you feel at home.

~ Alexandra Rice ~

Sofas & Loveseats


Whether it’s movie night with the family or lounging on a sunny Saturday with the dog, a sofa is the linchpin of the living room.

Our sofas are well built, stylish, and most importantly -- comfy. A great sofa works as a statement piece for your living room but doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to snuggling. With a frame made of high-quality wood and upholstered with stain-resistant fabrics from California, we make sure that family nights are fun again. It’s high time that function and fashion worked together for you. Sofa? So good.

Love Seats

A love seat is a great stepping stone between our larger sofas and some of the smaller rockers and gliders.

You’ll get all the benefits of the larger sofa, but without the need for a ton of space. This piece is perfect for smaller apartments, living rooms, or studies. Ours are sturdy, ergonomically made, and upholstered, so they stay as comfy as they are brilliant to look at. Add a dash of color to your shared area or go with a neutral color and give yourself a smart-looking canvas to paint your living room masterpiece.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream living room.

If you buy from The Amish Craftsman, you won’t be disappointed and you will have beautiful high-quality heirloom pieces that will last generations. They deliver on their commitments and the furniture is absolutely fantastic.

~ Chris Cavanaugh ~

Chairs, Chaises, Ottomans. & Sectionals

Chairs, Chaises, & Ottomans

Stylish, functional -- a sofa chair is a great addition to add elegant and comfy energy to your space.

Imagine evenings spent reading next to a roaring fire, reading in the brilliant, diffused light of a summer afternoon. These sofa chairs are perfectly paired to your space, using the same superior craftsmanship to create a durable, beautiful object that will draw the eye without becoming too much of a focal point. Our sofa chairs are designed to give you maximum snuggle without sacrificing style.


The perfect addition for any den, living room, or man-cave a sectional gives you almost limitless options for your seating.

Made to fit nearly any space, these sectional sofas are bespoke to make sure that they’re tightly fit to wherever you need them to be. Layer on top of that brilliant, hardwood craftsmanship and super comfy cushion upholstery, and this is the piece that will become a family favorite. Our sectional screams movie night, but still has the style and grace to work for afternoon tea.

Visit our showroom and meet with a design consultant to get started on creating your dream living room.

We purchased a custom table about 10 years ago. Very solid construction of both chairs & table, walnut has been aging beautifully. Wanted a dining table that was unique...this one is not only unique but is like a piece of art.

~ Kimberly Roe ~

Custom Designed Furniture

3 Steps to Get the Room of Your Dreams

  • 1.

    Talk to a Designer

    Completely free, no pressure collaboration with a designer. You can meet over the phone, in the store or a video call.

  • 2.

    Customize Your Furniture

    You choose the wood, stain, style, upholstery. We'll help!

  • 3.

    Get it Built & Delivered

    Expert craftsmen hand-build your furniture and we white-glove deliver it to your home.

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Living Room Furniture

As a Homeowner

You want quality furniture for your home that is designed with comfort, durability, and fashion in mind.

  • Cheaply Designed

  • Mass-produced

  • Uncomfortable

  • Wears out Quickly

  • Poor Design

The problem is that much of today’s furniture is cheaply designed and often mass-produced.  This results in furniture that quickly becomes uncomfortable, wears out quickly, and is not well-designed.

At The Amish Craftsman, we understand the problems of using mass-produced furniture for your home.  We know you want something that represents your style, will fit your personal home taste and décor, is expertly designed and crafted, and will last for generations.

That’s why we offer hand-crafted Amish furniture for your home.  Whether it is furniture for your bedroom,  hardwood living room, upholstered living room, or office, our expert craftsmen excel in creating handmade furniture that fits your style and design.

You can enjoy quality furniture designed to last for many years.

Not only does it bring beauty and your personal style into your home, but it also brings long-term durability and comfort.

If you are ready for handcrafted furniture in Houston, TX, that lasts a lifetime, then schedule a visit to our showroom or a virtual appointment and talk to one of our furniture specialists today!

In the meantime, feel free to read several of our recent customer reviews who loved their hand-crafted dining room furniture!

  • Beauty

  • Personal Style

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

Stephanie W.

"Wow. The Amish Craftsman knows how to make furniture. We purchased a bedroom set and kitchen table set. I was a little worried at first because we made a lot of specifications and deviations from the original designs. When the furniture arrived, it was exactly as we had requested...down to the extra two inches in height we requested for our kitchen table. They were so helpful in walking us through the designs and understanding what we were looking for."

Chris C.

"Purchased a kitchen table (last year) and a bedroom set this year. The sales experience is terrific (no high pressure). They deliver on their commitments and the furniture is absolutely fantastic. If you buy Amish furniture from the Amish Craftsman, you won't be disappointed, and you will have a beautiful and very high-quality family heirloom pieces that will last generations."

Dominic D.

"Could not be more happy with the furniture buying experience here. I was able to get a beautiful custom made dining room table just the way I wanted it. Steve the salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. The table and chairs were delivered in the time frame promised and couldn't look better. I will definitely be a repeat customer."

Lindsay P.

"We recently visited The Amish Craftsman and were very impressed by the fantastic table quality. We worked with a designer, who visited our home before we ordered our new dining table to measure out how the new table would fit in our house. We’re greatly looking forward to our new dining table!"