Measuring Your Space: Our Best Tips

Measuring Your Space: Our Best Tips

Measuring Your Space: Our Best Tips In almost every one of our blog posts, we mention the importance of measuring your space. No matter what you’re doing – from buying new furniture to rearranging to decorating – knowing the heights and lengths and widths of your home is essential. If you’re a … [Read more...]

Rustic Decor

Rustic. It’s the new “old,” and it's everywhere. From high-end home décor stores to Target and Walmart, the charm and natural beauty of this style has everyone excited. It's not a style that is only used in older country homes, but in upscale new homes, offices, even wedding motifs! Sometimes rustic … [Read more...]

Plant Love

      We love plants.  It’s the knowledge that there’s something living, growing, and producing fresh oxygen. Add to that the aesthetic benefits, and decorating with greens is a no-brainer. Use small pots on bookshelves to add something different or let a hanging … [Read more...]

Creating the Perfect Dining Room for the Holidays

The holidays are a special time to welcome family and friends from near and far into our homes. Before you gather around the table to reminisce about 2016 and share your hopes for 2017, there’s some prep work to be done. The Team at The Amish Craftsman has put together tips and inspiration to help … [Read more...]

Customer FAQ – Dining Room Seating

We’ve mentioned several times how much we love helping our customers decorate and furnish their home, according to their own tastes and preferences of course. There’s lots of great information out there (even some on our blog – but we’re biased). Often, when a shopper walks in our door, they are … [Read more...]