How to “Cozy-fy” Your Home

How to “Cozy-fy” Your Home

  One of my children’s favorite books is “Snug as a Bug.” I love it too, but less for the rhyming and more for the cozy home the little bug makes for himself.  Rarely do we get a customer that is shopping for pieces to make their home feel less cozy. And fall is perhaps the easiest time … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Find the Perfect Lamp

Lamps are some of our favorite accessories. There are so many varieties – not just in color, but in size and shape and feel. In many older homes, overhead isn’t even installed due to the use of natural light. Lamps also bring warmer light to a space, making it feel cozier.  But, like so many … [Read more...]

Plant Love

      We love plants.  It’s the knowledge that there’s something living, growing, and producing fresh oxygen. Add to that the aesthetic benefits, and decorating with greens is a no-brainer. Use small pots on bookshelves to add something different or let a hanging … [Read more...]

6 Design Trends We Thought Would Never Last (But Did!)

In our modern age, innovation happens each and every day, especially in the design world. However, some trends can be fleeting…one moment a certain trend is “in” and the next day it is archived away. Temporary trends are often easy to spot, but sometimes these would be trends never go out of … [Read more...]

Home Accents

At The Amish Craftsman we offer complete home decor solutions. Please take a look at our quality home accent categories or visit our Home Accents page on our website for more details. Door Pottery offers unique pottery handcrafted in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Each piece is thrown & … [Read more...]