Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning!

It’s Spring! That means beautiful blooms, the brown turns to green, and the weather warms up. Of course, in Texas that also means lots of rain, weather that can change 30 degrees in 2 hours, and lots of pollen. But its also a chance to do some cleaning – which always makes me feel like I’m giving everything a fresh start. Hooray for cleanliness and good smells!

If Spring cleaning (or regular cleaning at all) isn’t your cup of tea, we have a few quick tips for you. But before the tips – it’s important to relax! Have your coffee first and reward yourself for a hard day’s work at the end. Don’t get overwhelmed; Mary Poppins isn’t going to show up with a white glove. So, take a deep breath and try this:

  1. Make decluttering part of your cleaning! Put a basket or bag or box in each room to collect giveaway items (yes, even the kitchen). As you’re cleaning, toss things that you don’t like, have replaced already, or haven’t used/worn in a year. Go ahead and trash items that are broken or torn. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel if you do this in every room!
  2. Print or make a checklist. The immediate satisfaction in marking an item complete is almost enough to make you work harder and faster! There are tons available, especially on Pinterest. We like this one, mostly because it is succinct and free to print!
  3. Allow yourself time to prepare. Maybe find a list, and then make your own grocery list to purchase any necessary products that you may not have on hand (like baking soda and vinegar – a marvelous combination with widespread use!). Also, make sure you do some research on your prep day. For instance, some furniture may not react well to certain materials or chemicals (like most Amish furniture). Polishes with wax or silicone will leave a filmy residue, create a waxy buildup, and soften/scratch your finish over time. We recommend using Guardsman Furniture Polish which is available in our showroom.
  4. Find ways to enjoy it! Wear a cute apron or tie and handkerchief over your hair so you look the part. Play your favorite music and scrub to the beat. Call a friend and pay her to help you (acceptable payments are money, food, gifts, and unconditional love). Do whatever it takes to lighten your spirits, and your load will feel lighter too.

Hard work is always worth it and cleaning the place you spend the most time in is no exception. Spend a day or two or maybe three on some deep cleaning and you will feel better for months. Maybe even until next Spring! And for heavens’ sake, reward yourself with pizza and a movie for a hard day’s work well done!

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