Furniture Care

Our beloved city of Houston is still picking itself up in the wake of hurricane Harvey, but we are not surprised at the stories of compassion and goodwill we hear over and over. Our hometown is a hearty one, and we are so proud to see so many acts of kindness in the headlines. Proud, but not surprised.  We are also so grateful for the concern our friends have expressed for our store.  Thankfully, our showroom fared well with only a small amount of water creeping in.

We know so many others have not been as fortunate, and are now having to deal with flood waters, damaged furniture, and loss of personal treasures. We want to help however we can! Here are a few tips on how to care for furniture that was caught in the aftermath of Harvey:

  • If the furniture has been in water, try to remove it as soon as possible to a dry, cool place and get a fan on it. Our furniture is made of real wood, which is a natural product. Water can make wood warp, swell, or lose its finish. Once your furniture is drying, just give it some time. It will take several weeks for the wood to dry completely, and only then will you be able to see any possible damage.
  • Once you’ve moved your furniture, blot any standing water or moisture a with clean cotton cloth or absorbent paper towels. Most flood waters have residues and abrasive materials in them, so do not scrub your furniture to dry it.
  • To help the drying process, increase circulation of the air by removing drawers, opening doors, lifting lids, etc. Large pieces should be set on blocks so the bottoms can also dry.
  • Try to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight for long periods. We know this is a hard one, considering most flooded homes need to have everything moved outside. But even under the shade of a tree is better than direct sunlight. Too much direct light can cause discoloration.
  • While your furniture is drying, avoid putting magazines, newspapers, and plastics on the surface. These products can cause ink transfers that stain.
  • Reach out to us! Each piece of furniture is unique and will be affected differently. Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions or issues you are having with your furniture.

These are some general tips to help you recover your heirloom Amish furniture. We want all of our customers and friends to know we are here to answer any questions you have or help any way we can. And if you have another helpful tip, please share it so we can pass it on. This recovery will be a long one, but we can do it together.

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