All About Our Rugs

All About Our Rugs

We’ve already laid the groundwork for purchasing the perfect area rug for your home in our last blog, but what’s the big deal about the specific rugs we offer at The Amish Craftsman? We’ll tell you! Like everything here at The AC, our rugs are hand-crafted. When we say “hand-crafted,” we mean … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Facts

Between the backyard BBQs, family get-togethers, and the first dive into the swimming pool, it's important to remember that Memorial Day is so much more than just a three day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. To help keep things in perspective, here are a few interesting facts about this … [Read more...]

Meet Our Builders (Part 2)

Last week we covered the lifestyle and values of Amish craftsmen and their families to give a more personal view of the culture and motivation behind their craft (link here). This week, we dive into what makes Amish furniture get passed down as heirlooms and last for decades. From start to … [Read more...]

Meet Our Builders (Part 1)

What may seem like forever ago now, handcrafted furniture was quite commonplace. Consumers knew their furniture, be it a bookcase, dresser or complete dining room set, would last their lifetime as well as for generations to come. They passed their cherished pieces down to loved ones for decades of … [Read more...]

The Story Behind the Store

About Our Owners After a flood destroyed Kim and Steve Murphy’s home and furniture, they set out to rebuild their home with quality, hand-crafted furniture made in the USA. When they came away from their search in Houston unsuccessful, the idea for The Amish Craftsman was born. A native … [Read more...]