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Do you often wake up in the middle of the night out of discomfort, just to readjust and wake again a few hours later? Are you groggy for hours in the morning, and find yourself yawning all throughout the day? It may be your mattress! When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to consider a few questions first.  What size is your bed? Will you need a box spring as well? Is your bedroom upstairs? If yes, will you need a split box spring and mattress to fit up the stairs? How tall do you want the top of your mattress to be? Do you suffer from allergies? And finally, what do you prefer? Firm, soft, or medium mattress? What about your pillow? How old are your current pillows? How old is your current mattress?  Are you tired yet from all the questions?! We are!!

Obviously, there are so many factors to consider. Bottom line – anytime you spend your money on something you use regularly, you want to buy quality. Regardless of your answers to the millions of questions swimming in your head (you’re welcome), we can confidently offer you the best mattress on the market. We know it’s the best, and for the same reason we know our furniture is the best. We know how it’s made and we know who is making it.


Monarch is a family-run Amish business that has been making mattresses since 1991. Its seven employees hand craft each mattress for the ultimate experience in comfort. Only the highest quality materials are used, including the higher density foams, heavy gauge steel, and more spring coils than you’ll find in any of the name brand mattresses.  Monarch will warranty any body impression deeper than ½”…which is an entire inch less than industry standards. Monarch mattresses are also two-sided, which means they last longer than the leading mattresses.

There are so many details we want to share with you about things like the industry standards, why one foam is different (and sometimes better) than other foams, why lots of steel coils are better than just a few, and why a small body impression is important. All these details are important for you to be well-informed.  But instead of re-writing material that is already available to you, we’ve found a great site that has everything you need. The Mattress Underground is an educational site to help sort through and debunk all the confusing terminology. We are not affiliated with this site or its sources, so you can believe that we are just trying to help paint a clear picture for you. And we know that what you’ll find is exactly what we’ve been saying: your mattress quality is important, and we offer the best there is.

Monarch Mattress Construction

The family of Monarch is so confident that their product is the best, they’ve given us a video of their production. When asked about his designs being copied there was no hesitation to share. The high quality and labor-intensive production methods wouldn’t fit a streamlined business model.  The Monarch mattress exceeds industry standards, is well-built right here in America, and comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee.


We have so much more we want to share about our mattresses, so please give us a call or email us for more information. And if you’re about to go to sleep, rest well!

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