6 Tips to Find the Perfect Lamp

Lamps are some of our favorite accessories. There are so many varieties – not just in color, but in size and shape and feel. In many older homes, overhead isn’t even installed due to the use of natural light. Lamps also bring warmer light to a space, making it feel cozier.  But, like so many other pieces in a home, the vast variety can be overwhelming. Here are just a few quick things to remember when shopping for that perfect touch of light.

1) Consider the style of your décor. Is it traditional, modern, eclectic? Choose a lamp style that is consistent with your existing style. Since a lamp can be like a piece of art in a room, you can choose your lamp first and make other purchases accordingly, or vice versa.  If your taste varies from one style to another, just try to keep like pieces in the same space. (We can recommend the most beautiful lamps ever…but then again, we’re slightly biased.) 

2) Consider using your lamp for a pop of color in the room. This can happen with either the base or the shade. Choosing a unique and colorful shade is a popular new option to bring a dash of brightness to a space. Word of wise to all you color-loving people, be careful if you’re mixing a base color with another bright shade color. It’s always best to have one more neutral, which will make the color pop even more!

3) Coordinate the parts. When choosing a lamp base and shade, a good rule of thumb is to coordinate the shape of the base with the shade of the shade. If a base is oblong and rectangular, look for a shade that is also rectangular, and so on.

4) Consider your light needs for your space. Do you need bright light or warm light? Do you need a short table lamp, or a tall floor lamp? Also consider what light bulbs to use. From low wattage warm light to bright lights, you have your pick of brightness.

5) Placement is key. You don’t want to place a fat lamp on a small side table, or a small lamp in a large room. You can also use lamps to frame an area, which is a great classic look. 

6) Another good rule is that the shade should measure anywhere from half to ¾ the size of the base. This a key tip to remember when placing lamps that may interfere with other pieces, be it hanging wall art or windows – don’t shortchange your shade too much just so you can see the bottom of your art. Best is to rearrange and find a new place for the lamp (or the art, but we hate unnecessary holes in the wall).

We hope this is helpful. Lighting is so important to create the feel you want in any particular room. It’s important to achieve your lighting goals, but its most important that you like the space you’ve created…so pick the pieces you love!

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