Selecting Your Wood: Traditional Timbers in Amish Style Furniture

Amish-made furniture is sought nationwide for its beauty and quality. Fashioned from solid wood, each furniture piece promises longevity and unfading elegance. Amish craftsmen use the humblest of tools with extraordinary artistry because their craft emphasizes bringing out the natural richness of the wood.

The Appalachian region’s diverse wood species are a staple of Amish furniture. For generations, woodworkers have mastered the science and art of selecting the best species that yield the hardest and most gorgeous timber. The following are some of the most popular wood types featured in Amish-style furniture.


Cherry wood is a popular lumber cut from fine Black Cherry trees in the Southern Appalachian area. It yields a hard, strong, and close-grained heartwood, making it highly valuable for crafting furniture, cabinets, and architectural fittings. The straight grain is easy to shape, making it a staple wood type for elaborate and elegant pieces, such as dining tables and carved chairs.


Hickory, prized for its stark contrasts of light and dark colors, is widespread in Amish-made furniture. The unique grain pattern offers a rugged and natural appearance to the pieces. But, more than its beauty, Hickory’s hardness makes it an exceptional choice for all types of furniture.


Exhibiting deep, rich brown heartwood, the Walnut is an Amish favorite when it comes to “dark furniture.” It features bold grains and clean lines that result in attractive accent pieces, such as dressers, beds, and tables.

Amish-made furniture has become very popular, partly because of the natural characteristics of these wood species. Some would say that no piece of Amish furniture is ever identical because of the attention woodworkers pay to the process of selecting the wood, itself.

We offer these types of woods and more in most of our furniture, be it for your dining room, bedroom, office, or living room. If you’re looking for pieces that will grace your home for generations, Amish Craftsman Furniture can make it happen. Explore our website, schedule a showroom visit, or call us for more information about our furniture.


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