Why Don’t We Provide Pricing?

Why Don’t We Provide Pricing?

triple dollar sign - red stencil text on a paper price tag against rustic wood

While browsing The Amish Craftsman’s furniture products, you may have noticed that there aren’t any prices listed.  Rest assured, this isn’t an “internet glitch”.  Here at The Amish Craftsman, there’s not a specific pricing guide because each and every one of our customer orders is unique.

Buying custom handmade furniture is comparable to ordering a tailor-made suit.  Off the rack suits are machine made on an assembly line.  In contrast, custom clothing is fashioned by an experienced person with a remarkable attention to detail. And we all know nothing compares to the fit, finish, and feel of something crafted just for you.

Just like a tailor-made suit…

custom made furniture offers unlimited personalization. You’re in charge!  Select your furniture style, hardwood, stain, hardware, fabrics, leathers and more.  Our Amish builders can even customize furniture to a specific measurement or space. These heirloom quality pieces are made to order, one piece at a time, and built to last. You won’t find any factory assembled furniture at The Amish Craftsman!

Take some time and peruse our website for inspiration and education in the art of Amish handcrafted furniture. The real furniture magic will happen once you step onto our showroom floor!  Our company philosophy is simple: We would never deliver a piece of furniture to a customer that we wouldn’t want in our own home.  Here at The Amish Craftsman, we work hard to provide the best service, products, and price for every customer! Read about our price guarantee here.

Ready to begin building the furniture of your dreams? Our Team is here to walk you through each part of the design process. Stop in The Amish Craftsman store at 5555 Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas; call our Design Team at (713) 862-3444 or send us a message here.