The Secret to an Organized Entryway

A high traffic area like an entryway, has the potential to get cluttered with excess shoes, coats, mail, book bags and other messes that come from lots of activity. But believe it or not, there’s hope for the impending pileup spot! Follow these quick fixes to organize your entryway and turn it into an efficient place once and for all.
Entryway Closet

There is major storage potential here. Yet, be sure you don’t go overboard and start storing things here and forgetting about them. You can take an entryway closet from messy to manageable just by doing a few simple swaps. For example, ditch the closet rod for adjustable shelves that allow you to divide and conquer your storage space.


Keep Things Orderly

Entryway furniture such as coat racks, strategically placed hooks, and shelves can keep coats, backpacks, pet leashes and even keys orderly and available for when you need them. Seasonal necessities like hats, scarves and gloves can be kept in entryway furniture for easy grab-and-go access. Drawers and cubbies allow for easy organization while also keeping the excess essentials out of sight. If mail (especially of the junk variety!) tends to accumulate in this area, set up a system for managing it and commit to staying on top of it as soon as it arrives. A small recycling bin or attractive wastebasket can be used without being an eye sore.
Give Everything a Time Limit

It’s easy for unused outerwear and shoes to accumulate, but it’s time for all that extra square footage to surrender! The last thing you want are shoes overflowing into the foyer. Keep what you use on a regular basis neatly by the door and stow away all others in your bedroom closet. Additionally, you’ll be amazed at the difference keeping just one or two coats on the coat rack or hook will do for the look of an entryway. Doing so will keep things orderly while also adding ease to the morning rush out the door. No more sifting through multiple coats and jackets looking for what you need.

Soften Underfoot with an Area Rug

The entry way is a preview to the rest of your home, so in addition to keeping things neat and orderly, you can make a great impression with a beautiful area rug. A carefully selected rug offers a soft landing spot while hinting at the personality and style of your home. As a high traffic area, an area rug will also protect the flooring underneath for years to come.

Are you having trouble keeping your entryway clean and organized? Now’s the time to end the clutter trap and make your entryway beautiful for you and guests to your home. Stop by our Houston showroom and browse through our selection of entryway furniture including storage and coat rack options.

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