Plant Love

Plant Love

      We love plants.  It’s the knowledge that there’s something living, growing, and producing fresh oxygen. Add to that the aesthetic benefits, and decorating with greens is a no-brainer. Use small pots on bookshelves to add something different or let a hanging … [Read more...]

All About Our Rugs

We’ve already laid the groundwork for purchasing the perfect area rug for your home in our last blog, but what’s the big deal about the specific rugs we offer at The Amish Craftsman? We’ll tell you! Like everything here at The AC, our rugs are hand-crafted. When we say “hand-crafted,” we mean … [Read more...]

Area Rugs: Decisions, Decisions

Area rugs can be a conundrum. They are the one item that can tie an area together and bring warmth, but they are often noticed the least, covered by the most furniture, and the hardest decision to make. With price ranges and quality that range from low to extremely high, we can quickly find … [Read more...]

New Shipment of Craftsman Clocks – Introducing Don Nord Designs

We’re constantly on the hunt for American made accessories to complement our Amish Furniture. As you can probably guess, we believe in buying American, supporting artists and of course, promoting other small businesses. On that note, we are happy to introduce Don Nord Designs! Don produces solid … [Read more...]

What’s So Special About Amish Furniture?

BUILT FROM SOLID NORTH AMERICAN HARDWOODS We only use slow-growth hardwoods from forests that are responsibly managed for this purpose. The wood is cut, kiln-dried to prevent splitting and then sent to the builder’s workshop to begin its transformation. You may choose from red oak, quarter-sawn … [Read more...]