Solid Wood versus Veneers

At The Amish Craftsman we believe that furniture should be a one-time investment. Furniture should be built to last, not just for a couple of years, but for generations. It is true that trends change and styles may come and go, but true quality never goes out of fashion. With Amish furniture, the quality begins with the wood. This furniture is built the way furniture used to be, using solid milled hardwoods.

There is no substitute for authentic hardwoods. Today, a lot of furniture is built using artificial wood substitutes. This furniture is often described as “solid wood”, “all wood”, laminate, veneer or said to have an oak or cherry “finish”. These substitutes never look as good as the real thing and will not stand up to the shocks, stresses and loads of daily use as well as solid hardwoods.

The hardwoods used in our Amish furniture all originate from forests here in North America. The Amish craftsman build in woods including red oak, quarter sawn white oak, cherry, hard maple, hickory and walnut. Just as no two species of wood are alike, no two trees are alike. Each tree has its own story – its own variation, grain patterns and textures. The swirls, small knots, grains and colors are a natural part of the wood. The beauty of the solid wood creates a piece of furniture that is unique and reflects the quality of true Amish craftsmanship.