Shaker Style – Classic American Design

Shaker Style – Classic American Design

While it may seem as though all Amish crafted furniture can be placed into one category, the truth is, there are many aspects of these beautifully handcrafted pieces that are unique to the styles themselves. Traditionally, there are two main styles of Amish furniture: Shaker and Mission. Both are carefully crafted with a unique history and sincere characteristics that make them stand out among any other furniture options. If clean, uncomplicated design is what you desire, then Shaker style may be the classic American design you choose when furnishing your home.

As the name suggests, Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the group commonly known as Shakers. Once considered radical, the group began by breaking off from the English Quakers. Their religious sect holds guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty which can easily be seen in their well-made furniture of minimalist designs. 

With values rooted in practicality, the Shaker approach to design is based on their beliefs of self-sufficiency. In their attempt to create a heaven-on-earth while separating themselves from the outside world, members have always grown their own food and constructed their own buildings and household furnishings with tools they manufactured themselves. Specifically, Shaker style furniture is thoughtfully made with function at the forefront. Because ornamentation was viewed as sinful, rather than adding ornamentation such as inlays, metal handles or carvings, the aim is to create multipurpose designs that add visual appeal based on their exquisite starkness. Characteristics of Shaker furniture include tapered or turned legs, round wooden handles and rounded or gently beveled edges. In essence, the design is to meet basic needs without being decorative or showy.

Typically made from cherry, maple or pine, the light, easy to move furniture looks stunning in any room of the house. As one can imagine, with generations of craftsmanship and refined skills, Amish furniture style is among the best you can buy.  And, because the look of Shaker style furniture is so clean and minimalist, it is one of the most popular and sought-after styles used in many homes today.

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