Secrets to Getting the Layered Bed Look

There’s no denying that beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom, so the more visually appealing they can be, the better the entire room will look. Interior designers are constantly using beds as the focal point in a bedroom to maximize the room’s potential. That said, a superbly made bed can make the whole room appear fresh, chic and stunning. Even if the rest of the room doesn’t have much design, or is slightly ordinary, no one will even notice!

The best way to update your bedroom and add wow factor is with a beautiful Amish made bed. The following are tips from the pros to get the layered bed look you’ve always wanted. Although these tricks are from professional interior designers, trust us, you can easily do them too!

How To Layer Steps

1. Begin with a bottom fitted sheet. For an added luxurious touch after putting it on the mattress, spray with a little lavender linen spray. Then, add the top sheet. Be sure you use a top sheet that is long enough to fold over the blanket, quilt or comforter you will be adding later. Tuck the sheet in under the mattress at the bottom of the bed to keep it crisp.

2. Add the bedspread or quilt. The bottom of the quilt should fall below the mattress while the top should be folded over the sheet and tucked in at the sides of the bed. Next, add a down comforter. Using a down comforter in place of several blankets keeps things from getting too heavy and cumbersome.

3. Now, the fun part! Time to add accent pillows. These are great for adding a pop of color especially if you’ve used white blankets and sheets up until this point. Feel free to play with colors and patterns for a more casual look. You can even match the color scheme to other bedroom furniture by adding identical pillows to a rocking chair or blanket on a hutch.  Be sure to give the pillows a few good punches to fluff them up and keep them looking warm and lofty.

4. Top with a throw at the end of the bed. Throws add a welcoming layer while adding a little elegance
and continuing the color scheme.

The popular style of layered beds give off a warm, clean and cheerful vibe that makes you want to jump in. There are many ways to layer a bed for a designer look, and best of all, you can use the sheets and blankets that are already in your linen closet! So tell us, does the layered bed look easier than you thought? Let us know in the comments!

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