Resolve to Get Organized in 2018!

Happy New Year! We are in our third week of 2018…have you broken your New Year’s resolutions yet? I’ve definitely already skipped the gym once or twice…or 12 times. Whoops. No matter your particular resolutions, all experts say the same thing about making your goals reality: you must act! If your resolution is to get fit, join a gym. Like, take the steps to become a member, then GO. If your resolution is to read more, start by purchasing some books. And if your resolution is to finally get your house organized, we can help!


Our handcrafted pieces of Amish-made furniture feature organization capacities in a way you’ll not find at your nearest IKEA. With each piece of furniture built by hand, the multiple areas of storage within our furniture are endless. Jewelry boxes often have “hidden” drawers or doors. Most of our beds can be made with storage built underneath.  Bedside tables are designed with room for a pull-out, complete with thirsty stones or charging capabilities. The opportunities for your Amish Craftsman furniture to be the missing link in your organized life are infinite.




And don’t even get us started on our hallway items. Is your home small? Take a look at one of our beautiful yet simple hall trees with a mirror and hook – just what you need for your way in or out the door. And for those with lots and lots of items to organize, consider one of our lockers, with multiple drawers and double-sided hooks and shelves.  From large multi-purpose pieces to a simple, functional work of art, our builders can help you keep that resolution of organization. Call us or come by to see more of what we can do for you!


Do you have any tips or tricks for staying organized? We’d love to hear them!




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