Plank-Top Tables Product Review

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We’ve given you our best hints on picking out the perfect dining room table for you, but once you’ve decided on a style, size, and shape, how do you narrow it down? There are so many to choose from! We’d like to help you take the next step with offering some specific information on our plank-top tables.

With popular decorators like Chip and Joanna Gaines and the rise in Pinterest DIY furniture, the farmhouse look of the plank-top table has become wildly popular. Fortunately, our Amish builders have been building these for years, so they have perfected the look and functionality of the rustic style. Here is our professional review of the Amish-crafted plank top table:

  • Planks are fitted together with tongue and groove connection for a smooth fit. This keeps annoying small articles (like food crumbs) from getting stuck for eternity in a deep groove. If you are really concerned about these grooves, however, you can choose another option. We have a new option called an imitation plank top. This is a solid surface that has been hand-planed to achieve the look of planks – a great solution that pleases everyone!
  • Since all the planks are hand-planed, the amount of “rustic-ness” can be determined for each individual table. On most of our plank-top tables, the saw marks from the mill are also still visible. These can be smoothed out or left as is, depending on your preference.
  • All planks are over 1” thick (either 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” thick), so there is never a concern about wear and tear. This does make the table a bit heavier than other tables, but worth it!img_1154
  • Versatile in look. Can be made to look distressed – corners are sanded to look hand-worn and table edges are distressed. Or, tables can be made with no distressing and with a smooth, sleek top instead.
  • Versatile in base. Plank tops can go on a variety of trestle and leg styles, depending on what kind of look is desired.
  • Versatile in size. A plank top table can come with leaves.  Generally, our plank tops are 72″ long with up to two 18″ leaves.  The breadboards are the boards at the end of the table (and at the end of each leaf).  They run the short direction (42″ or 48″) of the table.  These boards tie all of the planks together.victor-table-plank-top-detail

Since almost every piece of furniture we sell is custom made for each client, our plank-top tables are certainly no different. The wood is hand selected, then cut and grooved to perfection. Hand-planed and hand-sanded, then finished…you guessed it, by hand. There are no assembly lines or computer-generated checkpoints. The difference is not just in the build of the product, it’s in the character of the builder. Come in and let us give more product reviews in person!

Thank you for joining us for the review of our Plank-Top Tables. We hope you found it informative! Please like our videos and share them on social media. For more information about our Dining Room tables, or any of our products at The Amish Craftsman, visit us at 5555 Washington Avenue in Houston, or call 713-862-3444.