Pet-Proof your Furniture!

If you don’t have pets, this post may not be for you. Also, get a pet! Without the unconditional love and excitement that you only get from an animal, your life is missing something. Trust us! Some of you may think we’re exaggerating, but just wait. You’ll soon see why pet owners are proudly displaying bumper stickers and door hangers for their furry friends, dressing them up in costumes and hanging stockings just for them. Pets are important. Pets are loved.

Puppy and kitten and guinea pig

As much joy and happiness as these loveable creatures bring, they bring some extra dilemmas as well. Like, white carpet being a crazy risk, and the extra cost of the best vacuum cleaner available. If you have certain kinds of pets, your furniture may require some extra attention too. Here are a few helpful tips that we’ve collected over our rich years as pet owners:

1. Choose your furniture carefully! We aren’t suggesting taste or style be sacrificed, but we are suggesting taking into consideration long-term effects your pooch (or other buddy) may have on your pieces. If your pet is an inside animal that also loves muddy spaces, maybe consider a dark color fabric instead of pearly white. An even better idea is leather! Leather is easier to wipe and is often water and stain resistant, which will make you breathe a little easier when those muddy paws jump up to snuggle. Here are some more great tips on choosing furniture that’s pet-friendly, from the careful selection of furniture to getting your pet its own couch or chair!

Interior Of Beautiful Contemporary Lounge

2. Protect your furniture! Sometimes our furniture came before our pets…so it may not be drool-resistant. That shouldn’t stop us from allowing couch time…especially if it means some good petting or lap love. IF you have fabric furniture, there is a plethora of furniture coverings available. You can choose something elaborate like a micro-suede furniture cover (shop for this here.) Or you can run to the dollar store and pick up a blanket or throw that is just for your pet. The idea is to keep something on or near your furniture to protect it from mud, drool, or fur that might be shed. Here is a great list of options for furniture coverings.

  • Another good tip is to Scotchguard any fabric furniture you have. Go ahead and put two or three coats on it as soon as its delivered; this will make it easier to clean

3. Mend your furniture quickly!  If damage is done to your furniture pieces, it is important to fix it quickly. When the new puppy scratches or chews on the table leg of the dining room table, run out and buy some wood putty. You can fill in scratches with this easily (and it’s an excuse to play with the grown-up version of play-dough). Putty comes in all shapes and colors, so you should be able to find something to match your piece easily. Here’s a color guide from Minwax, as well on tips for how to match your color to a putty.

  • Sometimes those chew marks need extra attention, and you can get step-by-step tips for that extra care here!

4. Nip destructive behavior in the bud! Make a special place for your pet to play and rest. There is a world of pet beds, play palaces, toys and even houses out there! Here’s a good start.

Dog sleeping in a dog pet bed

We love our pets, and our furniture isn’t going to keep us from showing that. But we also realize the importance of protecting pieces that make comfortable living possible. So spend a little extra for the leather or the heavy-duty vacuum…but first, take your furry friend to the park and roll around with him! And the next time you come home to this, remember that unconditional love!

Here are some tips on cleaning after your pet…just in case…

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