Designing Your Dream Media Room

Gathering a group of family and friends and “staying in” has been kicked up a notch with the creation of high-tech Media Rooms. Whether you’re watching the latest movie in your home theater, listening to your favorite music in surround sound, or playing a friendly game of poker, your Media Room … [Read more...]

Your Eat-In Kitchen: Stylish Space Saving Tips

Eat-in kitchens combine the enjoyment of preparing meals, dining together, and entertaining all in one location. With today’s hectic pace, eat-in kitchens are a wonderful home base for all.  Kitchens tend to be one of the most highly trafficked rooms in a home. The Amish Craftsman Team has … [Read more...]

Essential Tips for Accessorizing Your Home

Accessories showcase the true essence of your home and are a wonderful way to display your style, personality, and interests. The Amish Craftsman Team shares tips on making the most of finishing touches in your home. 1.) Display Collections and Treasures Do you have a collection of things that … [Read more...]

Designing Your Home Office

Planning to design a productive yet comfortable home office this year? Whether you’re revamping a pre-existing home office or planning on furnishing a new one from scratch, here are a few points to consider before you go furniture shopping. Great news! There’s no need for a cookie cutter cubicle … [Read more...]

Coffee Talk – Selecting the Ideal Coffee Table

History 101 Legend has it that in 1920 J. Stuart Foote, president of the Imperial Furniture Company, invented the modern-day coffee table. He gallantly helped his wife prepare for a gathering by sawing down the legs on a rectangular wooden table. Present Day Coffee Tables The revered coffee table … [Read more...]