Why the Amish? Part 1

Why the Amish? Part 1   We get asked all the time, “Why Amish builders?” Aside from the superb quality of furniture that our Amish builders produce (for details of their craftsmanship, read this post), we have great respect for the Amish society. Our builders are disciplined and esteemed, … [Read more...]

Meet the Builder

Meet the Builder We are so excited that our 5th Annual Meet the Builder event is coming up on Saturday, May 16th! Five of our favorite Amish builders along with their spouses will hop a train and travel from Indiana to Texas for a visit. After their overnight train ride, we usually spend two … [Read more...]

The Secrets of Amish Craftsmanship

Most of us don’t purchase furniture for our houses JUST because it serves a function.  Of course, function IS important.  But let’s admit it, none of us really want to eat dinner on plastic patio furniture.  When we love a piece, it’s often because of how it makes us feel or what we think it says … [Read more...]

Pet-Proof your Furniture!

If you don’t have pets, this post may not be for you. Also, get a pet! Without the unconditional love and excitement that you only get from an animal, your life is missing something. Trust us! Some of you may think we’re exaggerating, but just wait. You’ll soon see why pet owners are proudly … [Read more...]

Choosing the Perfect Table

  Remember your first dining room table? Maybe it was a hand-me-down table with four wobbly legs and faux wood laminate that peeled away as the meaning of life was discussed over bowls of mac and cheese. Thankfully times change and even our dining experiences get an … [Read more...]