Meet Our Builders (Part 2)

Last week we covered the lifestyle and values of Amish craftsmen and their families to give a more personal view of the culture and motivation behind their craft (link here). This week, we dive into what makes Amish furniture get passed down as heirlooms and last for decades.

From start to finish, these skilled artisans are part of the unique designs that we sell here at The Amish Craftsman. The creative process for these craftsmen begins as they think up new designs and get their inspiration from past pieces and their own sketches. Sometimes ideas come out of the blue, hitting them suddenly when they are away from work, some designs are modified from old and new ones in catalogs, or sometimes the ideas come as they have already started. The process, which takes about 3-4 months from idea to final product, is something that is dear to these builders and their phenomenal work ethic. Because precision matters, the initial idea starts with a sketch and then a prototype is created followed by the final product. Of course, a lot of tweaking and improving is done along the way. The pleasure of working with wood and the precision it takes to craft such as premium product, is all part of the joy involved as they arrive at the final product.


What Makes Amish Furniture Better

We know that Amish woodworking is typically a family affair and their unique lifestyle is what makes the furniture one-of-a-kind, but what is it that makes Amish furniture so brilliantly special? What is it that makes it not only stand out among other furniture, but last for years and become heirlooms?

While it is tough to pinpoint just one thing that makes Amish furniture stand out, the combination of skill, art and deep appreciation for the craft, are perhaps just a few reasons why Amish furniture is better. These skilled artisans are not willing to cut corners and, in fact, are truly embarrassed if fault is found in one of their pieces. Although not prideful people, and in fact quite humble, the Amish feel their work represents them. With superior craftsmanship being part of the Amish heritage, their work brings them joy, and they don’t settle for less than the best. So when crafting their furniture, they always put their best foot forward.

Unlike the disposable furniture of today, Amish furniture is built to be passed onto your children. The superior building techniques combined with Amish work ethic is something you do not find every day. One craftsman shared his motto with us, “If I’m not going to do my best, I’m not going to do it.” He hopes his kids follow in his footsteps with that motto. With an obligation to themselves and the customer to craft the perfect piece, the craftsmen feel there’s a relationship between the builder and the furniture. Unlike factory made furniture, Amish furniture is handmade without “robot” type assembly. And, it is uniquely made – each part is touched and sanded by a real person. The special features of Amish furniture include: mortise and tenon, dovetailed solid drawer boxes, tongue and groove breadboards. Additionally, the finish of the piece should not be overlooked, and many craftsmen feel it is what sets their furniture apart from the rest of the furniture industry.

The timeless craft of woodworking and skill behind each piece we sell at The Amish Craftsman is what makes them so special. The handcrafted pieces made by skilled artisans can easily be passed on to generations.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 from 10 AM – 6 PM and welcome our favorite Amish craftsmen. This special day only happens once a year, so be sure and take the opportunity to meet these incredible builders face to face. We also have exciting savings and prizes like 20% off Select Builder Orders and the chance to Pop a Balloon for Prizes up to $500 (with orders over $1500)! Make sure to visit the Event Page on Facebook to continue the conversation with others you may know!

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