Measuring Your Space: Our Best Tips

Measuring Your Space: Our Best Tips

In almost every one of our blog posts, we mention the importance of measuring your space. No matter what you’re doing – from buying new furniture to rearranging to decorating – knowing the heights and lengths and widths of your home is essential. If you’re a “one-stage-at-a-time” kind of person, it might be helpful to measure everything and write it down (we’re all about saving steps). We’ve mentioned most of these steps in previous blog posts, and you’ll find those links in each heading.  Now, here are some of our best tips:

Area Rugs

When considering a rug size for any room, a good rule of thumb is to leave at least 18” of bare floor space between the edge of your rug and the wall in any room. In large spaces, smaller rugs can bring sitting areas together, but the feet of furniture should be able to fit on the rug. At the very least, the front feet, if your sitting area is large or oddly shaped.  Here’s another great source that breaks down each room in detail. 

And the bedroom is one place you want to make sure you get this right (no one likes to hit a cold floor with bare feet).  Allow 24” at the very least on both sides of your bed of rug. If you have a king-sized bed and don’t want to get a rug that large, try two smaller rugs on either side of your bed.  And since the head of the bed is usually against a wall, you can bring the rug down a few feet so the head legs don’t sit on the rug.

Dining Area:

There are so many different details to think about in the dining area, mostly because no one wants to elbow their neighbor while cutting their steak or have their guests leave with bruised knees from the table apron. So, make sure to allow guests 24 inches of seating per person, and generally leave 8-10 inches of clearance between the bottom of the table and tops of your chairs. If you are considering a rug for your dining area, it should be at least 24 inches larger than your table. Finally, don’t forget the extras! If your table has leaves that you use, consider the table at its largest (no one wants Aunt Hilda to criticize their décor at Thanksgiving).


We are separating barstools out because so many different things fall under the description “bar stool.” You may have a bar table that is not quite bar height, or you may want bar stools at an island. The best rule of thumb here is to aim for 12 inches of clearance space between the chair seat and bottom of the counter or table or bar or bar table…you get the picture. A word of caution: be wary of the description “standard height,” as this can range from 24 all the way to 39 inches in height.

Aside from selling the best hand-crafted Amish furniture made, our next favorite thing is seeing our customers decide and fall in love with their new furniture. Making sure it, be it a rug, table, or bar stool, fits perfectly in your space is an important detail that can be overlooked. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 50 times – measure, measure, measure! We hope these tips make your shopping a little easier. Now, go grab that tape measure and make yourself a list!


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