It’s Back to School Time ALREADY??

It’s back to school time, right? That means parents are spending a small fortune on school supplies, new shoes, ball and dance uniforms, and school lunches that never get eaten. And since those glorious days of swimming for 7 hours are gone, so are the relaxing days of summer where there is little agenda and less accountability.

Summer is over

If you’re like us, the preparation for school and all the activities that come with fall can get overwhelming. It helps to be organized, but how can we STAY organized? It seems all too often that no matter how clean and prepared we try to be, cubbyholes become crammed with junk, laundry rooms become laundry dumps, and back door entries become the official drop zone for shoes, backpacks, sports equipment, and anything else that is preventing our families from diving straight into the fridge after a long day of school and work.

There are millions of ideas out there for back to school organization…literally! (We searched it and had over 216 MILLION results pop up!)  Here are just a few practical tips that are a must to keep your head screwed tightly on that swivel this fall.

  • Create a family calendar. This is a MUST. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old school desk calendar hanging in a central location, a cute DIY chalk calendar (we’ve found several for you here), or an app like Cozi or Google calendar. Just get everyone’s schedules in the same place! There’s no worse feeling than forgetting something…except when you forget someONE!


  • Create and manage a better “drop zone.” If it’s the back door your family uses most, make a place for the things that will be dropped there anyway. No matter how small your space, make room for a shelf, bench, coat rack, or whatever best suits your family. We’re a big fan of keeping as much as possible in one place, but your space may not accommodate that. So how about something that hangs on the wall as a catch-all?  Here are some ideas to inspire you!







  • Finally, maintain a daily, weekly or monthly calendar to clean your drop zone. This is where most of us start strong and finish…well, some of us never reach the finish line. But keeping the clutter cleaned is what keeps it from becoming clutter. (Since there were over 41 million “cleaning calendar” ideas, we like the simple ones) Get the whole family involved. Bribe them if you have to. Staying on top of this area will make it easier in the long run to feel relief when you walk in that back door, instead of adding one more thing to your to-do list.


No matter how you choose to survive the rush of this time of year, we encourage you to enjoy it once in a while! Sit back, kick your feet up, and ignore whatever messes may still be there. After all, it won’t be that much longer before we’re buying school supplies again!