How to Make your Amish Furniture Last a Lifetime…or Two

We talk all the time about how Amish furniture can become heirloom furniture…something  you can pass along to your children or grandchildren. But wood is a natural material, which means it can degrade. So, how can you ensure that your beautiful Amish Craftsman furniture will stay beautiful?

First, we want to explain something that will help you understand how wood works. Over time, wood (and most other natural materials) develops a patina. We looked up the official definition, which reads “a thin layer that variously forms on the surface through age and exposure.” In short, its wear and tear but without the tear.

statue of libertyPicture the statue of liberty. Brand new, she was a bright copper. The green is from her natural patina that has formed over time. Different from rust or decay, the patina is a protective covering to materials otherwise damaged by corrosion or weathering. The same is true for your wood furniture. If taken care of, your wood furniture will develop its own unique sheen from years of polishing, dusting, and use. That’s a good thing, and here are some great tips to do just that:

  1. Dust regularly with a soft, damp cloth and then dry it off. That’s it – just damp with water. And do it as often as you think about how wonderful your Amish furniture is. cleaning
  2. Keep it pretty! Keep away from polishes that have silicone or wax in them (we recommend Guardsman products, and we sell them in the store).
  3. Keep it cool and dry! If you’re storing furniture, extra table leaves, or extra pieces, keep them out of damp basements or attics. And try to avoid lots of direct sunlight. Water can cause pieces to warp, and too much direct light can cause the color to fade, especially on furniture made from walnut.
  4. Keep it clean! When there is a spill of any kind, clean it immediately. Try not to give yourself a manicure on your Amish furniture (alcohol and acetone based products like nail polish can leave permanent marks). If you have pets, you may have to go the extra mile. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in a previous blog post: Pet-Proof Your Furniture! Puppy and kitten and guinea pig

We know that every piece of Amish furniture is valuable and carefully crafted. That’s why we want to make sure each of our customers has every tool available to make their purchase look beautiful for years to come. And we’re always on the hunt for more good ideas and tips. Do you have one? Comment below!

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