Five Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

Five Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture


Solid Wood Furniture

Furniture shopping can be hard! And we know it can get tricky trying to balance quality, style and of course, price! (It’s actually what prompted us to open our doors! Read our history here.) We’re among friends, so we can admit it…we’ve all purchased ready to assemble furniture from one of the big warehouse furniture stores. And, chances are, we’ve all found ourselves sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes, papers and millions of little plastic bags wondering where all those “extra” screws came from. Inexpensive furniture has its time and place and if you are on a tight, tight budget and/or just getting started, this kind of furniture can be the answer to your furniture prayers! But, hopefully with a little luck and lots of hard work, we all get to the point where we can start shopping for quality furniture that is built to last. Furniture is a big investment, so we are here to help you become an expert in how to buy quality furniture.

We’re a little biased of course, but we think handcrafted solid wood furniture is the best of the best. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We’ve done our homework and come up with the top five benefits of owning handcrafted solid wood furniture.

1. Life-Long Durability – Solid milled hardwoods are the premier choice for home furnishings. Solid wood brings two things to the table (no pun intended) – resilience and durability. Solid wood furniture can handle the hard knocks of life a lot better than some cheaper alternatives. Press board, particle board and fiber board aren’t strong enough to hold up to a lifetime of use – at least not in our home!

Solid Wood Furniture

2. Low Maintenance – It only takes a good dusting and occasional polish to keep wood surfaces looking their best. Scratches, water marks and stains can be sanded away from forgiving wood surfaces; even dents and dings can be repaired. There are lots of tricks of the trade for touching up solid wood furniture. One of our favorites is the Tibetan Almond Oil stick for surface scratches. We’ve even had good luck applying used coffee grinds to scratches on darker woods! The finish can make a difference, so be sure to ask lots of questions about the quality of the finish. The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and see a big white ring on your new dining room table from your glass at dinner! We use a catalyzed conversion varnish on our furniture. It’s a time consuming process, but we think it is worth is.

While wood is pretty tough, but there are some things you want to avoid like avoid excessive sunlight, dampness/humidity, heat or cold. It sounds nuts, but just remember, if you are uncomfortable – your furniture probably is too!

3. True Craftsmanship: Handcrafted furniture stands apart from mass-manufactured pieces with its solid construction, classic lines and meticulous detailing. We might be getting carried away a bit, but we believe real craftsmanship creates furniture that is more than just functional – it’s a work of art. As you start to look around, keep in mind there are certain qualities you want to see in your furniture. Experts agree that joint construction is a big one. We recommend you look for furniture with dowels, dovetailed joints, mortise and tenon, screws and reinforcing corner blocks. If you only remember two things – remember staples are bad, and if it wobbles or rocks, RUN!

Professional carpenter sanding and refinishing wood surface.

4. Real Value – Real wood furniture typically costs more than other kinds of furniture out there, but it outlasts all other materials on the market and can increase in value over time. When furniture is made well from the highest quality materials and maintained properly, it can improve with age. We’ve all watched Antiques Roadshow! We believe furniture should be a one-time investment – the kind you pass on from generation to generation.

5. Natural Beauty – Each type of hardwood brings its own rich color and unique grain to handcrafted furniture. Choices include red oak with its big arches and circles, white oak with its tiger striping, curly maple with its flame pattern, rich cherry with its warm glow, chocolatey walnut with its deep tones and finely grained hickory with its beautiful wavy grain. Solid wood furniture possesses a natural, timeless beauty that adds charm to casual settings and elegance to formal rooms. There is a certain warmth and coziness that only wood can bring to a room.

When you choose your solid wood furniture here at The Amish Craftsman, you enjoy another advantage: customizable choices made to order by our select Amish builders. We invite you to browse our extensive collections, and we look forward to turning hand crafted furniture into your life-long treasures.