Designing Your Home Office

Planning to design a productive yet comfortable home office this year? Whether you’re revamping a pre-existing home office or planning on furnishing a new one from scratch, here are a few points to consider before you go furniture shopping. Great news! There’s no need for a cookie cutter cubicle feel at home!

Location, Location, Location!

Selecting the right location for an office within the home is essential to separate your personal and professional life along with any in-home interruptions.  Choose a spot that is away from external noise. Horns blaring, kids playing, and dogs barking could be a distraction. Also, think about how sounds will transmit through video and phone conferencing.  

Desk Selection

Think of your desk as an anchor within the office. The right desk will provide a place for concentration, creation, and production.

What area do you have to work with and how much storage will you require? These key questions will help you choose the type of desk to meet your needs.

Corner Desks are the largest kind as they feature a “wrap around” design to provide a larger space for your work area.

File Desks/Executive Desks are typically designed with drawers on both sides of the desk, usually with two file drawers.

Student desks are smaller yet functional and practical desks often with a set of drawers on one side of the desk only.

Open Desks are The Amish Craftsman’s smallest and most versatile desk. These units are backless and can be used in a variety of ways including writing tables, sofa tables, or desks. 

Many of our desks include Desk Options such as hutches, pencil drawers, keyboard pullouts, built-in data ports, power docks, and pop-up power stations.

Take a Seat

The next piece of furniture to shop for is your desk chair. It’s important to choose a chair that works just as hard as you do.  For example, if you’ll be moving around the office often, a swivel base is best.  Each of our chair designs is available with a multitude of options; most with a swivel or stationary base, a gas-lift on the base, and your choice of leather, fabric, or wood seat and back. 

Filing Cabinets & Bookcases

Store manuals, handbooks, and client specs efficiently in an eye-catching bookcase. Bookcases are also the perfect place to add personal touches such as family photos or mementos from your travels.

No office space is complete without a secure filing cabinet for organization and safe record keeping. All of our filing cabinets are available with locks in both legal and letter size.

Office Collections

The easiest way to design your home office into a cohesive and beautiful space is to purchase an entire office collection that has everything you need in one package. Our extensive selection of office collections include pieces built to match and be used in a variety of configurations to best fit your space.

A Healthy Office

The Mayo Clinic –  Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research shares essential information on office ergonomics and how to create a comfortable workspace to help you feel your best. Read up on Mayo Clinic’s ergonomic recommendations below:


Place the monitor directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away. The top of the screen should be at or slightly below eye level. The monitor should be directly behind your keyboard. If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor an additional 1 to 2 inches for more comfortable viewing. Place your monitor so that the brightest light source is to the side.

Keyboard and Mouse

Place your mouse within easy reach and on the same surface as your keyboard. While typing or using your mouse, keep your wrists straight, your upper arms close to your body, and your hands at or slightly below the level of your elbows. Use keyboard shortcuts to reduce extended mouse use. If possible, adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so you can use a light touch to operate it. Alternate the hand you use to operate the mouse by moving the mouse to the other side of your keyboard.

Your home office should reflect quality and be filled with furniture made with the same integrity and effort you put into your work. The Amish Craftsman Team is here to help you design the ideal office furniture for your lifestyle. Visit us at 5555 Washington Avenue Houston, Texas 77007.

Do you work from home? How do you separate the work day from your personal life? Share your tips on managing a successful home office with The Amish Craftsman Community in the comments below!

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