Decorating for Fall

Sunny autumn scenery in an idyllic park
There is FINALLY a nip in the air down here (albeit, it still gets to 90 during the day, but we’ll take any form of coolness!), so we couldn’t help focusing on fall. It’s one of our favorite seasons to decorate, probably because fall décor seems to be the perfect blend of natural ingredients like pumpkins and leaves and not-so-natural touches like glitter and scarecrows. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips, but we’ve also gathered a wealth of ideas, DIY projects and pretty pictures to send your creativity into high gear.

  1. Use what you love most! Love pumpkins? Go crazy! They can be used outdoors on your porch, inside on your mantle or display shelves, or hanging on a banner over your entryway. Don’t love pumpkins? Don’t give in. Use leaves, fall foliage, scarecrows, or a myriad of other things. Heck, just use fall colors, which are traditionally more earthy tones (i.e. brown, yellow, orange, red, even some purple or green). Or maybe you have a scary side and want to go all in for Halloween? Go for it!Pumpkins near the door for Halloween
    Be symmetrical – or not. The best tip when it comes to decorating – seasonal or not – is to either go all symmetrical or all random. At your front door, for instance, you could hang a garland evenly over your doorway and stack three pumpkins on each side of your door, with a matching garland wreath in the center. Or go crazy and stack three pumpkins on one side, two stacks of two pumpkins on the other, etc.
  2. Mix rustic and glam. We just love the look of leaves and a pumpkin mixed with a shiny candle holder. Or pumpkins painted with gold glitter paint as focal points. Here are some more fantastic DIY ideas that mix the two!

    Decorative orange autumn candle

  3. Don’t forget the smell! There are fall-scented candles EVERYWHERE, so go nuts. You can also use scented pine cones or potpourri in your decorations and kill two birds…nevermind. You get the idea. The smell of fall is half the joy, so pick your favorite smells and go shopping!

Bottom line: Decorate in a way that makes you smile and breathe a little deeper when you get home! Fall is a fun time to get out of the heat, start looking forward to the holidays, and let’s not forget – watch a little football. Do it all in style, with decorations that you “fall” in love with (we couldn’t help it!)