Customer FAQ – Dining Room Seating

We’ve mentioned several times how much we love helping our customers decorate and furnish their home, according to their own tastes and preferences of course. There’s lots of great information out there (even some on our blog – but we’re biased). Often, when a shopper walks in our door, they are starting at square one. This means lots of questions – which we love!

When shopping for dining room furniture, there are a few common questions. We’d like to address the one that seems to be the most often asked, “What is the general rule for the amount of room per chair at a dining table?”

Again, there are lots of pieces of information available. We really like this site, that provides a few diagrams and extra tips on different table shapes, dining room spaces, and seating options. The quick answer is, allow 24 inches of seating space per guest. This gives plenty of room for elbows to fly while cutting that filet, and close enough to still hear that soft-spoken aunt speak. You can always squeeze more people in a smaller space, especially if there are children involved, or if you have bench seating. Arm chairs tend to take up more room, which is why we recommend they be kept on the ends of the table.


A second part of this question is the amount of clearance that should be allowed under the table for seating. There are standard heights of chairs, but it is always important to remember the construction of your table. No one likes to bump his knee on the apron under the table when he crosses his legs, but you also don’t want to be eye-level with your plate! We generally suggest that at least 8-10 inches of clearance be left between the bottom of the table and top of your chairs. Just another occasion where it is important to measure (our favorite and most important tip!).

We hope you found these tips helpful. Thank you for joining us while we answer some of our most often asked questions. Please feel free to share this with your friends. Do you have a question you’d like to see us respond to? Just comment below! And as always, for more information on our Dining Room Seating, or any of our products at The Amish Craftsman, visit us at 5555 Washington Avenue in Houston, or call 713-862-3444.