How to “Cozy-fy” Your Home

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One of my children’s favorite books is “Snug as a Bug.” I love it too, but less for the rhyming and more for the cozy home the little bug makes for himself.  Rarely do we get a customer that is shopping for pieces to make their home feel less cozy. And fall is perhaps the easiest time of the year to go warm and inviting. From the warm colors of fall foliage to the smell of smoke in a cool evening, we are surrounded by cozy sights, smells, and feelings. Let’s take it home.

cozy reading nook

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Start with lighting. Soft lighting will always induce a warmer feel in any room. Try using more lamps and natural light, less overhead lighting. We have some great tips on picking the perfect lamp in this previous blog.  In your lamps and fixtures, try less brightness. Important to know when you’re thinking of going “warmer” or less bright: purchase according to the lumens in the bulb, not the wattage. (Wattage is how much energy is used; lumens indicate how much light is omitted. Here is some more technical information, if you’re curious!)

Next, make sure your house is arranged in a way that encourages comfort and welcomes conversation. Sitting areas should look planned, be it a reading nook or family gathering area. Tie large seating areas together with an area rug. Turn chairs and couches inward, even if it means your family game night starts with pushing the furniture back.  Add a “soft” light with a floor or table lamp, and don’t forget a personal touch (our favorite is a personal bowl of candy!).

Finally, add those “cozy comforts.” Soften your décor with pictures, color, and soft touches. Splurge on an extra soft blanket to drape over the corner of a bed or the back of your armchair. Invite friends to ask about momentous vacations or events by placing photos on tables or shelves.  Plants are always a good idea to add warmth, and we have some great ideas on that!  In addition to year-round touches, we love the sight of a festive pumpkin or wheat bundle scattered throughout your home. Those rich orange, yellow, red, and brown hues just beckon cooler temps and crunchy piles of leaves.

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Can you tell how ready we are for fall? And not just because we are eager for a break from the heat. The cozy feel of a fireplace and fleece reminds us of friends, warm drinks, and sweet memories.  It only takes a few small changes to make your home just that – home.  Let us help you “cozy-fy” your space with our new In-Home Design Service. When we’re finished, we can celebrate together with a mug of hot chocolate! 

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