The Tie that Binds…Choosing the best Rug for your Room

We love a pretty rug. An ornate or colorful rug can tie a room together unlike any other single piece. And again, we get tons of questions about how to purchase a rug that “fits.” Color, size, and design are key ingredients to the perfect fit for your room. We’d like to share some quick, simple answers to questions we get all the time. First, one of our favorite sources for details on purchasing a rug is this blog by Ballard Designs, which we think is extremely helpful!

We say this in almost every post. Measure your room first! We can’t say it enough, and it is so very important. Draw it out on a sheet of paper and write the dimensions down. If you already have all your furniture, measure your furniture too. Add it to your drawing.

Write. It. Down.

It will make your shopping experience for every single piece of furniture a little easier. Lecture over…moving on.

Everyone (with knowledge of decorating…so maybe not your plumber) you ask will first tell you to leave at least 18” of bare floor space between the edge of your rug and the wall in any room. If you have pretty floors to show off, shop for smaller rugs with the purpose of bringing spaces together, as opposed to covering the floor.  Here’s another great source that breaks down each room in detail.

In your dining room, your rug should be at least 24” larger than your table. Make sure you’re considering the size of your table at its largest, with all the leaves in. The excess is there so you won’t have that annoying on/off the rug when you pull your chair out (or pull it in so you can dive face first into your Grandma’s pie at Thanksgiving), so measure your chairs to ensure 24” is enough clearance.

The bedroom is one place you want to make sure you have a soft landing place for your bare feet. Allow 24” at the very least on both sides of your bed for the rug. If you have a king-sized bed and don’t want to get a rug that large, try two smaller rugs on either side of your bed.  And since the head of the bed is usually against a wall, you can bring the rug down a few feet so the head legs don’t sit on the rug.

In the entryway, the most important factor to consider is clearance. If your rug is near your door, make sure it is either thin enough for your door to open on top of it, or clear of the door’s path altogether. If you’re putting an area rug in your entryway, you probably don’t need a welcome mat too.

Don’t forget a rug pad for your area rugs. They increase the longevity, cleanliness, and comfort of your rug. Finally, when shopping for your rug, pay attention to traffic patterns in your home. No one wants to trip constantly stepping on and off all of your beautiful area rugs.

Thank you for reading and we hope this was helpful. Do you have a favorite rug shopping tip? We’d love to hear it!  Please post a comment or share this with a friend. And remember, you can always contact us at 713-862-3444 or visit us 5555 Washington Ave.