Benefits of a Home Office Redesign

Working from home has its perks such as no commute, a better work-life balance, and maybe even waiting until noon to finally change out of your pajamas. Perhaps the best advantage is the ability to design an office you love. Yet, if you’ve inadvertently created a workspace as dismal as a cluttered cubicle, you shouldn’t be surprised if productivity is down. Surprisingly, redesigning a productive home office is easier than you may expect. With a few tweaks here and there, you can make a big difference in productivity. You’ll boost your energy and efficiency in no time!

Whether you live in the suburbs of Katy in a beautiful home with a spacious office or in a cute historical bungalow in the Heights where you have to make every inch of space count, we have the right office furniture for you.

Desk Ideas

Gone are the days of sitting on the couch with your notebook in your lap. (Of course, if you need to work on your couch occasionally, we recommend one of our lift-top coffee tables to bring your laptop to a comfortable height.) Avoid aches and pains in your hands and wrists by keeping things ergonomically comfortable with a solid, handcrafted desk designed for productivity. You can greatly affect the output of work by having a comfortable and dynamic work spot. Make the most of a small office with a corner desk or open desk option. Both types are fully functional while helping you stay organized and keeping your workspace clutter free. Some printers and fax machines may be able to fit onto your corner desk, or you may decide to go with a credenza or desk armoire to give yourself a little more storage space. Business professionals who want a more formal look, can choose from a variety of  File Desks, also known as Executive Desks. The Amish Craftsman also has choices for students who may have a “home office” in their dorm room. Sophisticated and chic, our student desks serve their purpose long after school days are over.

As far as desk chairs go, invest in one that will make you want to put in the long hours you need to get the job done. Our office seating options will assist in keeping you as comfortable and productive as possible. This may sound obvious, but you should love your office chair. Otherwise, you’ll find any excuse not to get to work and sit at your desk.

Shelving and Coat Racks

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you won’t have visitors! Make your home office attractive and inviting with an elegant coat rack, shelving and/or entryway seating. Having these beautiful space savers will add character and creativity to your office redesign while providing aesthetic appeal. If you have the room, you may even decide to add a small bookcase which can double as a storage option as well as a spot for a table lamp. Most importantly, a home office redesign means finding creative ways to lose the clutter while creating a beautiful work environment.

Home Office Ideas and Decorating Layouts

Your home office should reflect your personality and style while being practical and functional. For a little inspiration check out Pinterest and Instagram. Also, schedule a personalized showroom visit to discuss your needs and designs with our expert staff. We are always eager to help and answer any questions you may have about office layout ideas.

Add Something Green

Believe it or not, adding a plant can surprisingly increase productivity. Studies have shown that greenery actually makes people happier, and the happier you are, the more likely you are to keep working! So while you may not be able to take your work outside to the park, at least you can bring a piece of nature into your own personal space as you make your business deals. Best of all, most plants don’t have to be watered every day, so you can go a day or two without tending to them.

Your home office should be a place where you want to go as well as one that inspires you to be productive. A new, redesigned, functional home office, is the key to getting more work done and giving your company the attention it deserves. Choosing the right furniture can easily make that happen. Just remember to get creative and make it personal. After all, it’s your space, so have fun with it!

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