Area Rug FAQs

The secret to a beautiful room often starts with the floor. After all, one of the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate your home is with an area rug. This is true whether you’re looking to spruce up an area quickly and artistically, or simply want to create a focal point. There’s no denying that once you find the perfect area rug, any room without one feels empty.

From selecting the right size area rug to cleaning and caring for it, here is a guide to keeping it tastefully decorative and looking great for years to come.

Selecting the Right Size for the Room

The first step to enhancing a room with an area rug is determining the best rug size. Keep in mind that area rugs can accomplish two things: defining independent areas or unifying a space. To define small areas within a large space, use several area rugs to do the trick. When uniting multiple pieces of furniture, a large area rug placed under all items creates a seamless, cohesive look. You will also want to consider the shape of the room as major furniture items can alter the look of a room. For example, a round dining room table looks best over a round rug while most living rooms feel natural with a square or rectangular rug. To make measuring easier, some people find it helpful to visualize where the rug will be by using masking tape or even a bed sheet. This is a quick way to determine the best sized area rugs in any given space.

Another classic way to select the right size area rug for a room is to consider the furniture layout you’re hoping to achieve. Area rugs for living rooms should add warmth while delineating space and promoting comfort. They should also absorb noise, a very helpful feature in high-traffic areas. When it comes to dining rooms, the table and chairs should be completely on the rug. Therefore, a larger area rug that adds a bit of drama, luxury, and of course personality, is an absolute must. An area rug in a bedroom should add a sense of peace and calm. Multiple rugs and even layered rugs can be used in the bedroom due to the more casual atmosphere. And, if you’re selecting an area rug for an entry way, consider a bold, decorative oval or round area rug for an opportunity to immediately show off your style to guests entering your home. 


How to Clean and Care for Area Rugs

You can keep your area rugs looking their best with a few basic tips for care, deep cleaning and stain removing when necessary. To remove dirt, the most important thing you can do is regularly vacuum. Be sure not to vacuum the fringe. A stiff brush can help remove pet hair by brushing in the direction of the nap of the rug. Small area rugs can be taken outside and shaken vigorously to remove dirt and grime.  Foot traffic and sunshine can wear out rugs faster than expected, so you’ll want to turn them once or twice a year to even out their wear.

Use extra caution and care when cleaning delicate or handmade rugs. A nylon screen can come in handy for these types of rugs. Simply place the screen over your rug and vacuum over the screen. You’ll also want to have handmade rugs professionally cleaned once a year.

Don’t be afraid to deep clean your area rugs. This can be done every 12 to 18 months using commercial cleaning products. The first time you use the cleaning products, test them on a small area of the rug to ensure that it does not cause damage. Once you have cleaned it, make sure it is completely dry before replacing it back in place and under furniture.

Are rug pads necessary?

Yes! There are many reasons why rug pads are absolutely worth it. For starters, rug pads keep you safe by preventing shifting of the rug when walked on. Additionally, you can increase the life of your floor by using rug pads. Dirt and grime can accumulate underneath your rug over time which can cause damage to your floor. Whatever the flooring is underneath your area rugs, these small scuffs can scratch hardwood and cause carpeting to wear down. Rug pads also help to prevent the dyes from rugs from staining carpet after a spill.  When it comes to increasing the life of your floors and rug, you will definitely want to include rug pads with your area rug purchase.

Because the rug makes the room, you’ll surely want to make it special. An area rug is one of the most important pieces in your home as it will be something you’ll fall in love with, connect with, have for many years and even use as a conversation starter with guests because it will surely catch people’s eye. The Amish Craftsman has 30 designs available in color palettes from earth tones to vibrant hues. Our premium area rugs such as New Zealand Wool have a lifespan of 75-100 years! The collection of area rugs at The Amish Craftsman is vast because, we too, connect with these pieces and have fallen in love with each one.

Have a room in your home that could use a splash of color or elegant accent? Our diverse collection of area rugs in all sizes can magically enhance any room. Stop by The Amish Craftsman store in Houston to see our collection today!

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