Area Rugs: Decisions, Decisions

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Area rugs can be a conundrum. They are the one item that can tie an area together and bring warmth, but they are often noticed the least, covered by the most furniture, and the hardest decision to make. With price ranges and quality that range from low to extremely high, we can quickly find ourselves overwhelmed with information, material options, and color choices. I have found myself throwing my hands up and muttering, “What’s the use – everyone is just going to walk all over it anyway?!”

If you’ve felt like that at all, we can help! Our primary goal is to make your decisions easier, and the end result to be the most perfect fit for your household. So let’s simplify these decisions, shall we?

  1. Determine the size you need. This may be simpler than you think. It’s actually been done for you! We found this great site that helps with living, dining, and bedroom spaces and calculates how large your area rug should be for the space.
  2. Determine your color and pattern scheme. If you’re not planning on changing your wall color or existing furniture, this is easy. Look around and find something that fits! If you’re changing everything (or starting with a blank slate), consider the overall feel you want for the space. Light and airy? Warm and cozy? Are your floors already dark, or light? Would a contrast with your existing floors work best? Is your furniture a solid color, or is it heavily patterned?  Lots of questions, but they can all be narrowed down to what overall look do you want for this area?
  3. Determine your budget. No matter the size or pattern, you can buy quality or…well, not quality. Quality can be determined by material and make. Is it a true oriental, made by hand? Is it made of wool or a synthetic material? Because area rugs often get lots of foot traffic, it is important to remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” In our next blog post, we’ll tell you why our rugs from The Persian Carpet are worth paying for! (But we’re trying to keep this post simple!)
  4. Shop! There are literally thousands of choices to purchase your area rug. We are partial to one Amish furniture store on Washington Avenue, but you probably could’ve guessed that. Once you know the size, color, and approximate pattern, the shopping becomes much easier. You may have the luxury of waiting until something strikes your fancy, or you may need to spend a few hours browsing websites and stores. Either way, answering a few questions first will make the process much smoother.

We hope this has helped just a little! Like we mentioned, we offer some of the best area rugs available, and we are itching to tell you why, so stay tuned! In the meantime, go home and measure, calculate, and make a few baseline decisions to shorten the process. The goal is happiness in your space, and we can help from floor to ceiling!

Arts & Crafts Area Rug


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