Annual Meet the Builder Day

Annual Meet the Builder Day

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Would you like to know the individuals who hand craft your furniture heirlooms? Our annual “Meet the Builder Day” event is a special way to connect our Amish builder family with you, our customer family! Every year, a group of our Amish builders along with their wives (and sometimes a few little ones) hop a train and travel overnight from their hometown in Indiana to Texas for a visit to The Amish Craftsman to spend a few days with us.  

Be a part of this unique occasion to meet our Amish craftsmen face to face, ask questions you have about their furniture, and see two cultures blend together in harmony. It’s not very often these builders get the chance to talk directly to the people buying their furniture. This is a wonderful opportunity for our craftsmen to visit our beautiful state and learn about you.




Fun and Festivitiesimg_0290

This day is full of fun and celebration! From amazing savings, cash prizes, and sweet treats, we’re certain that you and your family will have a blast.  Be sure to join us for a special day of balloon popping!  Every order over $1500, gets to pop a balloon for a cash prize up to $500!  Mark your calendars as this special event happens just once a year for one day only! 


Our Thanks to You

“Meet the Builder” Day gives all of us at The Amish Craftsman a way to express our gratitude to our extraordinary customers and craftsmen. Our Team thanks each and every one of you for being a part of The Amish Craftsman Community!


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