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Persian Rug

We’ve already laid the groundwork for purchasing the perfect area rug for your home in our last blog, but what’s the big deal about the specific rugs we offer at The Amish Craftsman? We’ll tell you!

Like everything here at The AC, our rugs are hand-crafted. When we say “hand-crafted,” we mean that each step of the process is done by an individual (as opposed to a machine) who is an expert at what he/she does. Here are just a few of the steps that are done by hand when making one of the rugs sold at The Amish Craftsman.

  1. Wool is spun. Great wool comes in the form of yarn, but it can’t be used on a carpet until it has been spun. The yarn has to be wrapped and then spun by hand.
  2. Rug DesignRug is designed. The designs for our rugs are drawn out on paper, at a 1:1 ratio. That means each and every single knot is drawn and colored by a designer before the rug is made!
  3. Rug is woven. There is a large, upright loom that holds the yarn, which is then knotted by hand in the design drawn. Did you get that? Every single knot. By hand!
  4. The yarn is trimmed down, or “clipped,” for an even carpet. The preliminary clipping is done with a hand-operated hover-craft-type machine. This is followed by a second finishing clipping that is done with a pair of shears.
  5. The ends are tied. First, the loose ends of either side of the rug are tied together, creating the fringe that is often assumed merely decorative. Then a final piece is sewn to bind the run, called a “selvedge.”
  6. Washed and stretched. The rug is washed with water and soap by several individuals and a few fancy brooms, then tied to metal pieces that look like old torture devices, where it is stretched and dried to prevent the yarns from warping or curling once it’s dried.

Did we get our point across? Every step is done BY HAND. Fortunately, we have videos to go along with the list above. Click here for further explanation and video proof of all these amazing people.

Rug Knotting

We are amazed every time we think about the intricacy of this process.  It employs thousands of skilled workers, and the rugs are made to last at least 70-80 years.  Since hand-crafted quality pieces are our specialty, it seemed to make perfect sense that these rugs, designed in the Arts and Crafts style, be the rugs we offer. Once you understand the process and the difference it makes in quality, the decision is simple. Make your choices about size and color first, then let us help you choose the perfect quality rug for your space!

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