A Day in the Life

Amish BuildersOne of the first questions we’re often asked is “What are the Amish like?”.  We thought it might be fun to do something a little different for this blog, so we’ve taken what we hear from our builders day to day and created our version of “A Day in the Life of an Amish Craftsman”.

3:30-4:00am: The rooster crows, I am up and at ‘em! Out of bed to wash, dress and have coffee. Walk down the driveway to the phone hut and check messages left the previous evening from stores that sell my furniture.  Make notes and return calls. Have a few custom quotes to work on for some of my customers.

5:00am: Feed the livestock and horses (buggy horses and kid’s miniature horses).  Check the pressure on bicycle tires. Head across the lawn to workshop to start the work day.  Confirm supply orders placed yesterday with vendors (wood, hardware, screws, clamps, etc.). Log new purchase orders from yesterday into the work book, plan next 4 weeks of build runs.  Build until 7am.

7:00am: Take a break from work for breakfast with the family – homemade scrapple, eggs from the hen house, fresh fruit from the garden and orange juice. Give thanks for the meal and discuss everyone’s plans for the day.  Read the Budget (Amish newspaper) and catch up on local news – excited to hear the Cubs won the game!

Middle three children are still in school, so they will leave soon on their bikes to the school house.

Eldest daughter will stay at home and help her mother weed, can vegetables and fruit, hang laundry and care for youngest child.  Wife plans on spending some time catching up on book keeping for the shop and mailing out invoices for furniture picked up today.

8:00am: Hop back on bike and head to the Fax service in town to pick up faxes.  Send confirmation faxes back to stores from fax service. Then, back to workshop. In town, I received word that Yoder’s barn caught on fire during last night’s thunderstorm.

11:00am: Time for a break for lunch. My wife and eldest daughter made chow-chow (a pickled relish made from a variety of vegetables), butter noodles and broasted chicken. This is one of my favorite dishes.

11:30am: Walk back to the phone hut, check messages and return calls.

3:30pm:  Begin to close the shop down. Sweep the floors, turn everything off and check generator so we can prepare for the next day.

Amish Riding Bikes4:00pm: Hitch up the horse and buggy and head to “town.” First stop is to the dry goods store. Need to purchase fabric for my wife. She is tailoring new pants for my eldest daughter’s wedding in May.  Mail invoices to furniture stores.  Stop by harness store to pick up repair.

On my way home stopped by Yoder’s barn to see damage. Need to schedule a community meeting to plan the rebuild of his new barn within the month.

7:00pm: Family dinner time. We are having Amish haystack with peanut butter pie for dessert.

8:00pm: Gather up the family and read The Bible by kerosene lamp.  Get fitted for new pants and read till my eyes get heavy.

9:00pm: Bed time!  Tomorrow is another full day!

This is our interpretation of a typical day in the life of one of our builders. We always enjoy hearing from them, be it about their families, their community events, or their work.  We are friends with our builders, and we care about their personal lives as much as we respect their amish craftsmanship. We know you will too.

What interests you most about the Amish?