6 Design Trends We Thought Would Never Last (But Did!)

In our modern age, innovation happens each and every day, especially in the design world. However, some trends can be fleeting…one moment a certain trend is “in” and the next day it is archived away. Temporary trends are often easy to spot, but sometimes these would be trends never go out of style!  The Amish Craftsman Team has put together a list of six design trends turned timeless.

1.) Embracing Gray

Greenery may be the Pantone Color of 2017, however, gray has been one of the leading design trends of the past few years. The color gray can range from a light pewter to deep, dramatic charcoal. This “new neutral” blends seamlessly with almost every color and décor style.  Grays have edged out the abundant shades of beige and gold as a base color option.  

2.) Distressed Finishes

It’s common for fashion trends to transfer into interior design. A perfect example is with distressed objects. Fashion designers were using this application on a wide range of clothing and accessories. Sure enough, this hot design approach made its way into the world of interior design. From chippy, layered paint to scratches and dents made on purpose, the distressed look has found its way into homes across the country.

3.) Big Bold Florals

Big bold florals tend to make people think of one of two things: cringeworthy 1980’s chintz patterns or the Victorian era. However, floral prints are going strong and dominating everything from wallpaper to fabric.  Used as a statement pattern, florals draw the eye to this pleasing pop of color.

4.) Digital-Free Rooms

In today’s home, residents can turn on lights, music, and more with a simple voice command.  However, designers plugged into the industry pulse have been creating rooms without a trace of our digital era. It’s common for bedrooms to be designated as an electronic-free zone. This continues to be a welcome trend that has a beneficial lifestyle impact.  

5.) Faux Furs

It’s ironic that in the same timeframe that veganism became popular, fur accents also became all the rage.  But, the key word is faux. Faux fur seems to be everywhere; from accent pillows and blankets to statement chairs and rugs. This trend can be easily and inexpensively incorporated into any room of your home. The soft textures will add a welcoming touch, invoking coziness into every corner.

6.) Wallpaper

Although wallpaper was initially popular in the 19th century and had a resurgence in the 1980’s, it has officially made its revival and it’s clear that wallpapered rooms are here to stay. Today, wallpaper (available for both indoor and outdoor) comes in many exciting options boasting features such as 3-D, handprinted, woven, and even glass-beaded.  With all of these updated versions, wallpaper is a fun way to infuse your personality into any room!

It’s evident that these trends are here to stay. Keep in mind, while trends are a fantastic starting point for decorating inspiration, there’s no need to follow the crowd when it comes to your space.  Love the vintage look?  Smitten with shabby chic?  Mad for modern? Make your home your own with what you love!

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