4 Tips for Open Concept Living

4 Tips for Open Concept Living

The “open floor” concept is a very popular one. But such a broad term can mean many different things. It may just mean that your kitchen opens up to the living room, or it may mean there are no solid walls in the entire living area. Builders and decorators alike can use the blank space to their advantage, and homeowners get to be creative with furniture and accessory placement.

Of course, for some, that creative freedom causes anxiety. So, we have some ideas to help! Below are just a few different thoughts:

  • Use a design or print wall divider against a blank wall as art. Wall dividers can be found in all kinds of pretty colors and prints; use these as a form of functional art. These can frame a couch or corner and liven up an otherwise plain area with a splash of color.
  • Another creative idea is to do a switcheroo with seating. Move a dining chair into the living room as an accent piece, or pull a sitting chair from the living room to a bedroom. Use what you already have to change or freshen up your area (or just to add more seating). And here are some more ideas on rearranging what you have a bit more creatively.
  • Rugs can be used to tie furniture together in any setting – bedroom, living, dining. And within large open rooms, smaller spaces can be created by using smaller rugs. For example, if both sitting and play areas are needed in one room, a single space can be divided by using two small rugs. (This could also be another use for a wall divider!)
  • And don’t neglect corners! These are great spaces to use for a cozy reading nook, or art display!

Above all, remember your home is just that – your home.  It should feel comfortable and functional. It should reflect you.  Go nuts.

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